Friday, November 17, 2006

We is Spelled with an E, not Two ii's

I fear that, come Christmas time, Hubbs and I will lose what remains of our quality time together. The "We" days will be replaced by the "Wii" days at that point.

Yes, it's true. He wants another new game system. Not content with his current collection of the DreamCast, Game Cube, PS2, and Xbox (not to mention his GBA and his DS, plus a multitude of old gaming systems stored in boxes in his parents' basement), Hubbs insists on adding a Wii to his stockpile for Christmas. Personally, I don't get it. He hasn't even had time to mod his Xbox yet, so why on earth is he wanting to get another space-consuming game device that he has no time to play?!

He assures me that I will love this system, and that because it is motion-sensitive, it will be appealing to the controller-swinging gaming newbie like me. He also claims that this Wii has superpowers (note: he *may* be insane).

I assure him that I will not be buying this monstrous piece of time-kill for him this year or next, particularly since it costs a small fortune and quite frankly, I would rather save money towards my new car.

He plans to ask his family for it, for Christmas.

I plan to ask for a big entertainment unit with doors, inside which Hubbs can store (read: I can hide) his many wired toys.

Let's see how Santa decides to roll this year.


Ridley Thunder said...

"why on earth is he wanting to get another space-consuming game device that he has no time to play?!"
Because it's friggin cool sister. You will have all your neighbours scratching at your door for their turn to play

Natalie said...

I have to say, this system looks awesome. I'm not much of a gamer but it really looks awesome. I don't blame him. If he wants a PS3 also then you have a problem.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Well, I *know* it's cool. I *know* it is like having 5 systems in one. It's just that he already has the 5 systems that this one offers games for, so why buy more?

At least, for now, he's not so interested in the PS3.

Catherine_Jane said...

They suck you in by hooking you on favorite games and then they update the machine and stop making games for the old systems, so of course you have to get the new Wii to get the next Legend of Zelda!!!!

Justice~! said...

Actually, I think the new Legend of Zelda is coming out for the Cube as well - so if you really want to stick with the old you're ok?

Catherine_Jane said...

I was trying to argue in your favor Justice! I want the new one for Christmas anyway. I've owned every incarnation of Nintendo, our old friend the colleco vision system as well as atari. Steve has his old sega in a box above the cupboard and our entertainment system has a sega dream cast hidden in its depths. Neither of us has ever been fans of the Playstation... that is our only hole. I bought him his x-box and he bought me my game cube. It works a little differently when both people are gamers though eh? And no Steve didn't propose over WoW.