Friday, November 24, 2006

So How Do I Get Rid of This?

At this very moment, I have a very intense and unrelenting craving for....wait for it....FRENCH FRIES. Yes, one of the ultimate diet-killers known to humankind.

I long for some delicious deep-fried golden goodness, be it battered stuff (DQ, KFC), regular cut (Wendy's), or shoestring (McDonald's). I feel like oinking out on a super-gargantuan-biggie-sized version of the stuff, until such time that I cannot fit another fry into my bloated, grease-filled body.

So how do I get rid of this malevolent craving? It has bombarded my brain and threatens to thwart my weight-loss progress. Even typing about it is making my mouth water and my stomach rumble.



Catherine_Jane said...

I want to share - but then I'd just be nagging and probably telling you things you already know...

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Booo! You should've shared, my dear! Instead, in desperation (and laziness to venture into the cold) I called Pizza 73 and ordered a 9" pizza just so that I could get a wing meal just so that I could get fries (and order extra fries at that) to satiate my stupid craving.

I was an uncontrolled fry-monster and the scene was ugly. Luckily my pizza intake was limited to 1 out of 6 pieces and I only had 3 wings (out of 8). However, I probably ate like 4 cups of curly fries.

I feel much better now, though, and can avoid french fries again for another 3 months! =D

(Thank God I went to the gym yesterday - the guilt hasn't yet set in).

Natalie said...

THe biggest reason diets fail (at leas tin my experience) is limiting yourself too much. Yes fries every day or even every week will blow your had work but an order of small fries once a month or so will be ok. As long as you are good the rest of the time. Sometimes when I have a craving I will eat all kinds of other things to avoid the one bad thing when i could have had a little of the bad thing and not ate everythin gelse in the house.

Wobbly*Bits said...

Drink water. JUST KIDDING!

I love Alexia's frozen fries if you can find them in Canada (I have no idea if we have the same food products or not!!) I often slice up a potato really thin like fries and bake at 425 for about 18 minutes. Kills my cravings! I think they are great just dipped in ketchup, but you can also put them in a large ziplock with some olive oil and shake.

Mike said...

Eat a few, then a handful then hold a few at the back of your throat until you bring them back up.

That'll put you off!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Natalie - I agree that "Do Not" diets always fail, because those banned foods inevitably become the ones you crave most. I didn't *swear off* fries but was trying to avoid them because they are a weakness for me.

Wobbly - No, I don't think I've seen Alexa fries around here, though they do sound tasty. We didn't have any potatoes around (because normally we're not potato people), and given the frigid temperatures I wasn't going to venture out to get potatoes (or to get fast food).

Mike - Interesting approach. Isn't that called bulimia though? ;) I have puking fears, so I don't know that I can use your suggestion...but what if I ate so many that I got sick? Would that put me off too? =D Now I like *THAT* idea! heheh...

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Loquacious,

Why is it that your blog is more entertaining than the pseudo metro's? (initials JG).

Dealing with fries is an issue. When I have cravings, I immediately drink a litre of water and then eat some low sodium water packed tuna. Afterwhich, I look into the mirror making oink sounds as I cut myself. It normally works - but somepeople really don't like that idea.

Have you tried the McAin super fries spicy wedge fries? Those are awesome. Uh oh. I wonder where my blades are?

Victor Ward

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Hrm, Victor. I've never thought of the water-tuna combo, although that's probably because it wouldn't have killed my craving and would've grossed me out instead! ;) Love the water, hate the tuna (unless it's on bread with fat-free mayo, which makes it far more palatable).

The oinking I do in my head, the cutting not so much (but hey, to each their own right?), and it was too cold to venture out just to buy cold frozen fries. I will probably buy a bag now just to keep in the freezer for emergencies, but until that night I hadn't had such a nasty case of the fry-cravings, so I never even imagined I'd need to have potatoes on hand!

I hope you wear long sleeves, Victor! And try not to bleed through them tonight =P