Thursday, November 23, 2006

So Cold! ... And Why Hubbs Is Handy to Have Around Sometimes

For those of you living on the northern tundra with me, you know how blisteringly cold it was today. Unfortunately for me, in spite of the near-zero visibility and -26 degree Celsius (including windchill) conditions and black ice and 10 centimeters of snow, I was not able to sleep in and hide from the miserable conditions. I am a Study Buddy, and had a commitment to keep!

Anyway, our covered parking was not enough to prevent our vehicle from being completely covered (front and back) with snow. Since Hubbs was not going with me to the school, I had to fish out our snow brush (hidden deep inside my trunk) and brush off the snow myself. During my drive, even with the wipers going intermittently throughout, I wasn't able to get my windshield snow-free. My rear defrost was on high the entire time, but somehow my rear window never managed to clear either.

After my morning Buddy duties, I came out to my car, once again covered in snow. Once more, I was subject to snow-brushing duties, as well as ice-scraping duties on the rear window this time around. The roads were brutal, with thick mounds of unshoveled snow wreaking havoc for drivers everywhere. Many times my poor little car had a hard time accelerating against the black ice hidden beneath the snow, and just as many times those mini-moguls practically directed my car without my needing to steer! Thankfully, most drivers were slow and cautious, although there was always the occasional truck or SUV that decided to be stupid and drive beyond the speed limit on these treacherous roadways.

Experiences like these always make me thankful for the following:
-a remote car starter
-new tires
-covered parking

Hubbs is good to have around for many reasons, but here's a few winter-related ones:
1) He drives me around in the treacherous icy snowy cold conditions
2) He brushes off the car and scrapes the windows when needed
3) He will go and get the car and drive it up to the entrance sometimes when I'm not properly dressed to brave the freezing temperatures
4) He fills up our humidifier every night (those water jugs are heavy!)
5) He plugs in the car so that I have 30 extra seconds of warmth inside the vehicle before getting out
6) He pumps the gas so I can stay warm and sheltered inside the car
7) He carries the groceries so I can keep my hands warm inside my pockets

He's a great Hubbs. I'm glad he's mine =)