Friday, November 10, 2006

A Rambling on Months

I don't know why November feels yucky, but it does! There are mostly good months in a year, but a few odd ones are yucky. November, I fear, is just plain yucky.

January is yucky. It's like the coldest month of the
year and there are very few actual hours of sunlight, which makes me feel S.A.D. and totally despairing.

February has Valentine's Day, formerly a dark and gloomy day in my world but now one that is filled with flowers and food and lots of loooooove. ;) February also has my birthday, as well as the b-days of several VIPs in my life, so it is a time of much celebration, including delicious cakes and scrumptious dinners.

March is yucky, except for a special Mom-in-Law birthday. Everything is a dirty shade of brown, including my car after just one day post-washing. Unless Easter is early, there isn't an occasion worth celebrating (unless you're Irish, which I am not).

April has Easter, which is o
ne of my favourite holidays and reason unto itself to celebrate; it's also when the weather warms up slightly and the days get a little longer. I also love the goodie baskets the Easter Bunny has begun to leave me ever since I joined my Hubbs' family.

May is beautiful too, and fills my heart with hope for a warm and wonderful summer. The flowers start blooming, and the rains are refreshing.

June, ho
wever, is yucky. It's stressful and long and I just don't enjoy it, except for two other VIP birthdays (including Hubbs' B-day), which are very momentous and happy occasions that warrant celebrations of gargantuan proportions. However, the early part of the month is always blah.

July and August - well, those are the months of summer holidays so I always look forward to that time. Besides, many people host BBQs in the summer months, and for some reason the long days don't tire me out but give me extra energy t
o go on until the wee hours of the night. Oh, and my anniversary is in July, which also makes it special.

September is exciting, because it marks the start of a new school year (whether I'm a student or a teacher). It's got that whole "Back to School" feel and also kicks off my favourite season, AUTUMN. The sales are also pretty amazing for school supplies, and you know I'm a sucker for stationery. =D

October has Halloween AND Thanksgiving, so it's a very good month and one that gives people excuses to get together with family and friends, as well as to dress up in silly costumes and eat obscene amounts of candy and chocolate. As well, there is something cool and crisp and exciting about the air in October. It's thrilling.

November is the official month of blah. Of course, I would feel differently if I was American and had a lovely 4-day long-weekend to commemorate Thanksgiving with loved ones, but as a Canadian this month holds no sentimentality for me.

December is the best month of all. Christmas is in the air everywhere, and I get to hear my beloved Christmas carols playing inside every store I walk into. People are extra-generous, and everyone wants to share food with everyone else and give each other presents just because. I love December.

As such, I am going to close my eyes and pray that November flies by quickly so we can move on to glorious December, at which point I will close my eyes again and pray that the month slows down so that I can savour every sweet, beautiful moment.

What's your favourite month? Probably December, eh? Everyone likes presents.


The Igloo Coder said...

November has Rememberance Day, lest we forget.

janeylynne said...

Absolutely October! It's the best of the autumn months by far. It has Halloween, my b-day and my anniversary, plus you can get absolutely gorgeous weather late in the month.

Maybe I'm just biased... ;p

vien said...

Hmm, a lovely subjective post of the breakdown of the Gregorian Calendar AND the Four Seasons. You should add that Feb. is a good month because it usually has the Chinese New Year which means red envelopes. :)

Sadly, I have to say that December is not that favorite month of the year for me solely for the selfish reason that my birthday is the day after Christmas.

Aging gracefully is a real conscious effort!

D'Arcy from Winnipeg said...

Actually, there's a much easier formula to determine which months are bad and which ones will seduce us with their Asian wiles (ask hubby).

Dim m as Month

For each m in Calendar.Months
If m.FootballSeason = True then
m.Good = True
m.Good = False
End if

Or, for those of you not code-inclined:

January - VERY GOOD (Superbowl)
February - BAD
March - BAD
April - BAD
May - BAD
June - GOOD (CFL Pre-Season)
July - GOOD (CFL)
August - GOOD (CFL/NFL Preseason)
September - GOOD (CFL/NFL)
October - GOOD (CFL/NFL)
November - VERY GOOD (Grey Cup and NFL)
December - GOOD (NFL)

So really, only 4 bad months in the year.


The Doc said...

My favourite month is indeed December, because of various associated holiday parties and gatherings involving people coming in from out of town.

One thing that might make March a little better would be to know that it includes MY birthday. Not a whole lot more awesome, I know. But maybe just a little.

Wobbly*Bits said...

Oooo, I love November! Maybe because I'm American? Fooooooood!