Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Little Bit of Everything (Mostly Vancouver Related)

I've been in Van-city, arguably the happiest place on Earth for me, so the absence has been lengthy this time round.

Here are some random things accumulated from experience over the past few days:

My friend Lee forwarded me the most touching tribute (printed in Sports Illustrated) featuring a man named Dick Hoyt, who deserves a Father of the Decade award or something bigger. You can read all about him here, but be warned that the video can inspire all manner of sniffles and tears.

I think Hubbs and I were the only two people in B.C. who did not know that the CFL semi-finals were to take place across the street from our hotel, at B.C. Place, on Sunday during our vacation. We saw the "Lions Block Party" tents and were dense enough to think nothing of this barricade in the middle of downtown, attributing it to little more than a healthy dose of fandom. When we returned from breakfast to find literal hoards of people dressed in either orange or green flocking towards the stadium, we figured there was a game, but were still too ignorant to realize that it was the semi-finals, and therefore, not just any game. In fact, it wasn't until we realized we were barricaded by police traffic controls from entering our hotel parking lot on either end of the street, that it dawned on us that this was more than just a run-of-the-mill football game. As a result of our ignorance, however, hotel staffers mistook us for Americans, which was embarrassing on a whole other level. We had to try and convince them that we actually were Canucks, although I don't think they believed us! ;)

It is still autumn in Vancouver, complete with golden yellow, rustic brown, ruddy red, burnt orange and leafy green maple leaves scattered along the sidewalks and pavements and roads. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

We had no idea that it would take us over an hour to drive from downtown Van to southeast Surrey. We thought the "burbs" were closer than that.

Drivers in Van are far more polite than those truck-driving speed demons in our depraved city. The Van drivers let all signaling vehicles into their lanes without either a) trying to race past them so as to avoid having the car "cut" in front of them, or b) honking or giving the signaling car the not-so-friendly finger. As such, the driving experience for Hubbs was a bazillion times less stressful than driving in our own city!

Richmond Sushi for all you can eat Japanese food. No limits, large cuts, and only $25/person. Of
course, we were in pain by the time we left, but every so often overgorging on sushi seems justifiable, non?

We really loved our stay at the hotel, the Georgian Court. It was relatively chic, centrally-located, and had a very nice whirlpool and steam room that was always unoccupied when Hubbs and I went down to use it. Our room was spacious and the bed (complete with feather pillows) was heavenly to sleep in. The hotel also provided designer Aveda toiletries, and even stocked extras of these in the bathrooms near the whirlpool! You know how it is with me and free stuff.....

Anyway, it's back to project time and trying to make a thermos for my Science methods course. Don't ask - I am on prototype #3 and have yet to determine if it even works. =S I'll be back once I have a handle on all of my upcoming assignments....


Wobbly*Bits said...

I first heard about the Hoyts a few months ago and I am STILL in awe. What an amazing guy.