Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Best Char-Siu In the Whole Wide World

Okay, so I'm biased. And I might have already posted about this before. BUT, it warrants repeating. My dad makes the best Chinese BBQ pork in the whole universe. It's the right ratio of fat vs. lean, it's flavourful, and it tastes great on rice or in a sandwich.

(Okay, so this is not an actual shot of Dad's pork.
This pork is jealous of my Dad's stuff, which I did not
take pics of).

We were lucky enough to be blessed with a few Ziplocs of delicious, pre-marinated, frozen raw char-siu for us to cook at our leisure. Normally, my Dad cooks it for us, but this time my brilliant siblings convinced him to give it to us raw instead. That way, we can have fresh char-siu whenever we want, rather than have it get freezer-burnt after two weeks' time.

God bless my Dad and his most excellent culinary skills. It's little wonder why his kids have battled weight issues ;)


Justice~! said...

I back that up! Your dad is an amazing chef - he has spoiled me re: Chinese food the rest of my life. None of the rest of it will ever be the same!

superstarjo said...

Correction: brilliant sibling (singular).