Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Week of Mrs. L Days May Be Short-Lived

So, you may be wondering what exciting things Hubbs has done for me during this, my week of attention and adoration. Let me tell you!

We started on Sunday with a lengthy trip to Costco (which, believe it or not, is actually a treat for me, since the trip is usually a rushed one and one frought with nagging and complaining on the part of Hubbs). We went for dinner for Ridley's birthday, and then we watched Shrek 2 on DVD.

On Monday, Hubbs accompanied me to a"Study Buddy" orientation, which proved to be exactly the same as it was last year when I attended. Hubbs sat in the chair beside me, ostensibly for the purposes of being my role-play buddy; unfortunately, he then decided during the role play to type all sorts of inappropriate commentary in response to the posed scenarios, on his laptop (which was sitting open with a large font on display). Such phrases as "I need Ritalin" and "I am retarded" graced his screen, and of course since it was so largely displayed, one of the orientation faciliators who happened to walk by, took notice and came over and commented on his commentary. It was a horrifically embarrassing situation for me, much to the amusement of Hubbs, who didn't seem to care that he had probably offended this teacher/rep from the Catholic school board. I opted for us to leave as soon as we broke into groups again.

Since our parking meter had been paid for a full 2 hours and we had an hour left, we decided to stay on campus and grab a snack at the nearby "mall." This was a nice little date for us; we sat and chatted and reminisced about our first years in university.

On Tuesday, Hubbs and I went for a walk after work; we were able to feel the crunch of leaves under our feet as we walked, and we enjoyed the fresh air and the beautiful view that only autumn in the river valley can offer us. Then we went for sushi, which proved affordable and quite yummy (although they gave us that gross egg sushi and also the fake crab sushi, neither of which we enjoyed).

Today, Hubbs and I decided to stay home for the night. He made dinner for me (bison burgers..not a tough "cooking" job) and then, thanks to some Secret Geek guy who left an inspiring comment on his blog, Hubbs felt the urge to go out and buy a microphone for his computer (having misplaced his first one). So, off we went to Future Shop and London Drugs, and when we got home, guess what? Apparently Mrs. L Days came to an abrupt end as Hubbs returned to RUBY, determined to record narrative to accompany his silent .avi from his presentation. When he discovered that he couldn't just add voiceover to the original file and would have to re-record the whole dang thing, guess what again? He began to re-type, this time with sound, his whole entire 50-minute presentation once more.

So is Mrs. L Days over after having barely begun
? Is there hope of redemption for Hubbs, or will he be kicked to the curb along with his cheap $5 whore RUBY? Stay tuned for more exciting moments on these...the Days of My Life.


Justice~! said...

Ah, I love you very much honey. And I also love my testes...please don't take them away.

Anonymous said...

i sent my wife a link to this. i guess she's not the only wife who misses out on hubby time due to computer addiction. ;-)


Wobbly*Bits said...

BAD HUBBS!!!!!!!!!! Slightly funnny...but NO! Bad. *chuckle*

Mrs. Loquacious said...

As per Hubbs' blog, he is rededicating the week to me (with the addition of an extra day to make up for the RUBY incident).

And definitely LB, I am only one of many coding widows who wonders why they didn't marry less-driven men ;)

Stop laughing, Wobbly. It was not nearly so funny (re:the laptop commentary) when I considered that that lady/rep could potentially be one of my colleagues (or bosses!) in the next couple of years! =S

Bad Hubbs indeed!

Justice~! said...

That lady thought that I was hilarious, don't forget.

She just wanted my bod, that was all! But I am happily married :)

Ontario Emperor said...

Costco is probably the one shopping experience where I *don't* complain. I can tolerate a trip to Costco better than a trip to a department store.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Well, your wife is lucky then, OE! She doesn't have to listen to you complain about the long line-ups and crowds of people near the sample tables, like I have to when I'm with Hubbs.

The only time he's well-behaved at Costco is when he finds a good book to read while I look around. Then he is remarkably silent. =D

Anonymous said...

Your "hubbs" sounds like a real jackass.

Tom said...

Well, after eleven years of marriage, I finally have my wife trained. She has accepted that my laptop is My Mistress. Maybe given time, Justice(~!) will obtain the same.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I am far too territorial to share, Tom! Although maybe after 11 years, I will be sick of Hubbs and willing to entertain the green mistress. But I highly doubt it ;)

Justice~! said...

Tom - you are my favorite person ever!! Aside from my wife.

I will endeavour to get the two of them to reconcile so that Mrs. L knows that I need to be shared baby!!!