Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Vroom Vroom?

I have a secret desire. It's for a new car. Not just any car, either - a nice sporty little import sedan loaded with a good number of features.

I have shared this desire with Hubbs. We're in negotiations right now, and it looks as though I might be able to finagle my ride in the spring if I forfeit my trip to Montreal (with Hubbs) as he attends DevTeach. I keep telling myself it is a worthy trade-off - a brand new vehicle in exchange for 6 days in Montreal with a bunch of smelly geeky programmers all there to show off their laptops and coding prowess. I am told that the conference usually goes all day and the developers hang out and have dinner together in the evenings, which leaves little time for shopping and romance anyway. The date of DevTeach is also a mere week away from my sister's wedding (for which I am a bridesmatron), so I can only imagine how much help she will need with last-minute preparations.

Of course, even though I want my new car very badly, a part of me also wants to go to Montreal. Not for the geeks, and not even for the fancy hotel or shopping or nice dinners. I want to go because I'm the only sibling in my family that has never been to Montreal. I also want to go because I worry about the type of trouble my Hubbs could get himself into if he is partying with a bunch of horny, single male developers in what is arguably
the least-conservative province in the country. Finally, I want to go because I will probably miss my Hubbs like mad if we are separated for so many days!

But I also want the car. I am thinking right now about a Honda Civic LX Sedan with a blue interior dash, in a nice silver or champagne colour. Of course, I am open to other import sedan models as long as they look nice and are rated highly, and don't have an orange dash (like the Mazda3's and 6's). Any suggestions on a good import sedan?

The Toyota Corolla isn't bad either, and also one that I am considering.

So what do you think? Should I go to Montreal or should I get a new car (keeping in mind, of course, that I currently own and drive a '97 Neon)?

All opinions are welcome =D


Justice~! said...

Don't worry, I'm used to fending off Donald's advances by now, honey. I'm sure no matter how many drinks he plies me with there will be no seducing!!!

Wynn said...

Well, I'm all for a sleek '72 Cooper Clubman with the woody sides and the right hand drive. I'd paint it with the US flag and have an air horn installed (you know like big trucks have) and a license plate that states POCO LOCO... the only problem being that I can't have 8 letters on the plates and PCO LCO just doesn't get it... VROOOOOOOOM

Wobbly*Bits said...

I had a VW Jetta for 6 years. Best car I ever had. Better than the one I have now...I highly recommend it. The backseat is tiny, so if you plan on carting people around perhaps the Audi A4 or A6, basically a fancy shmancy Jetta :)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Well, Wynn, I was thinking of a newer car...like a 2007. ;)

And Wobbly - I am a little hesitant to go European import because those things are brutally expensive for replacement parts; at least the Japanese imports are relatively affordable (except for my dream car, an Acura CSX/TSX).

I have heard phenomenal things about the performance of Audi sedans, however. They are top-rated vehicles as well, and perhaps worthy of consideration.

S said...

Whoever said you should buy a Jetta hates you.

All Acuras are Hondas for people too intelleculty lazy to figure out that they are buying the same car but paying 50% more.

Audi's also suck. They are all coasting on their name. The Japanese cars are so far ahead it's ridiculus.
Buying a luxury car is equilvalent to trying to throwing money out the window. I think also the Bible mentions something about pride.....

A Honda Civic has higher resale, better fuel effcicieny,higher quality and of course is sexier. If I was short like you and Justice I would buy it for sure.

Wobbly*Bits said...


Mrs. Loquacious said...

Don't mind S (aka BigBrownGuy), Wobbly! He talks like that but really he's not meaning to be offensive!

S - =P Some people happen to *love* their Euro imports, and according to Edmunds.com, the Audis (3 of them!) were ranked in the Top 10 Recommended Sedans for 2006. High consumer ratings as well. Just too dang expensive for moi and Hubbs.

Acuras are far sexier looking than Civics, even though they cost twice as much, which is why I have given up this dream for now.

And note that I am *not* considering a Sonata, because, well, they're still not nearly as sexy as the Japanese cars. The 2007 Civic is selling at 3.9% financing, btw. That's pretty good and are you sure your Sonata is a done deal? ;)

Justice~! said...

Suresh does this to people he's hot for, Wobbly!! Don't mind him, it just means he has a *MONSTER CRUSH*!

superstarjo said...

Hey, we're probably going to buy a new car next year, too. Monsieur wants to buy an Acura 1.7 (I don't want to hear any comments, Suresh). I don't know, I want to check out a few other models before committing.

As for Montreal, you'll have tons of opportunities to visit. M and I plan to go for a month in the summer time, every other year. You can tag along with us on one of those trips, and get a guided tour of the coolest city in Canada.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Um...Superstar, is Monsieur planning to buy a *used* car? Cuz the 1.7El hasn't been made since 2004.

And yeah, maybe one day we'll head to Montreal either w/you guys or on our own. But for now, I think I'm getting a car (unless we win the lottery, in which case I am doing both!).

S said...

Wobbly*Bits - I was joking. I choose not to use emoticons because I hate them more than the Swiss.

Ms L.- Edmonds doesn't take into account the best bang for your buck. It would be like choosing to spend $100 for European chocolate and $0.50 for a Kit Kat. Sure the European chocolate is better but come on....

As for you not finding the Sonata sexy as the Japanese cars, what do you know about that? You married Justice for Pete's sake.

Justice - I told you that to you in secrecy u ass.

Jo- If I did say anything it would be because I'm only trying to save you money. A used car is totally different story though as it is possible to get sweet deals. My bank manager got a luxury car (I forgot what it was called) over $10,000 below market value and it was literally driven by a little old lady.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

True true "S" - Edmonds isn't looking just at value for the dollar; it's looking at the overall package. The Audis do look sweet though...but at $70K a car, not really in my budget!

And next to new cars, almost-new cars with low mileage driven by little old ladies are probably the best to buy!

As for sexy, I *do* know about that. After all, I married Hubbs and not you! =P

superstarjo said...

We're not picky as to whether we get a "new-new" car or a "new-to-us" car. Either way, doesn't matter. I just need something that has 4 doors and enough space for car seats for when we start making babies.

S said...

"s for sexy, I *do* know about that. After all, I married Hubbs and not you! =P"

Yes and the Nazis also chose the Jews over the French for their death camps as well. I don't see any of them complaining.:0

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Oooh...shame shame S! What sort of racist message are you trying to convey here, missy? (That's for calling me DUDE!)