Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Ruby for RUBY

As Mrs. L Days comes to an end (*sniff*), I'd like to give you the recap on the second half of the festival.

- Couples' group for the first time this academic year, laughing and learning and eating with friends.

- Hubbs buys me flowers; actually, he pays for the flowers that I had picked up ;)

- Dinner with the in-laws at fancy schmancy LUX

- Discovering a lovely new German reisling, called the Lingenfelder Bird Label Reisling

- A superbly cooperative Hubbs during my marathon shopping trip, even though I kept dragging him into stores only to browse for 30 seconds

- Rediscovering our mutual love of Chinese supermarkets at T & T (resulting in us having lunch there)

- My own Ruby: a ruby ring, in fact. It looks something like this, although a little smaller in the gemstone and surrounding rocks (I couldn't find or take a suitable picture that matched my ring exactly):

Nice, eh? It is a beautiful ring and he was incredibly sweet and generous for picking it up for moi.

- Hubbs gets his own treat: the PS2 game Katamari Damacy

- Wine & cheese & games, oh my! Bonding over booze with old pals =D at Vinny & Mrs. Vinny's

- Lunch with Superstar Jo and Space Max at Milestones, which proved awesome for a chain-restaurant (although we can almost excuse this with the fact that it is a VANCOUVER chain, and Van is the best city in the world).

- Watching Monk: Season 1 on DVD and snuggling on the couch with lit candles and everything (romantic!)

- Thanksgiving morning spent sleeping in

- Thanksgiving evening eating turkey and loads of other goodies with the in-laws and special guest Igloo Coder

Which brings me to today, the last day of our merry little festival. What should we do to commemorate it? Hmmm....


Steven said...

You need to teach Catherine how to browse for 30 seconds. She takes 30 minutes!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

LOL...30 minutes happens when you want to try the clothes on or you're at a store like Winners. In that store, 30 minutes or more is inevitable.

However, when you are window shopping and don't like the clothes you see or are looking for a specific item, then 30 seconds is pretty standard I'm sure ;)

Catherine_Jane said...

When you only get dragged shopping twice a year... Steve... you should learn to be more patient!

Natalie said...

Ok so I was mad at him for going back to Ruby a little while ago but he has totally made up for it. From what I have read, however, I don't think you have yet gotten a proper massage. You need one to round things out

Mrs. Loquacious said...

LOL - Catherine, I think you need to drag Steve out a few more times during the year; that way, he can build up a semblence of tolerance for shopping ;) I usually bribe Hubbs with a game or some other "treat" that he is wanting or needing (e.g., gym bag, TV show DVD set, video game, computer book, comic book, clothes...)

And Natalie - yeah, he did get me a massage; I went and got one from my massage therapist and it was a full hour. So technically, he *did* fulfill all the terms I had set out. Of course, I reserve the right to add one more massage for the month - for good measure ;)

Wobbly*Bits said...

I love the ring!! Gorgeous!

D'Arcy from Winnipeg said...

Obviously your last day of the festival should have been spent helping hubbs voice over his Ruby 101 videos...what better way to end the week?!

And those who have not yet been to Seattle or Montreal should not assign the moniker of "best city"...especially to a port city known for...um...the Canucks?


Justice~! said...

Wobbly & Natalie: I am happy that I have evaded your anger. See, it's not just good looks and charm here, I've got a romantic side too!

D'Arcy: Seattle = in the States! Forget about it! No way can it be better than a Canadian city!

Montreal = the most elitist, vain and self-centered city in Canada aside from Toronto

Your idea about my wife and I doing the Ruby voiceovers together is gold!! She
will never go for it though. Perhaps I will just do a Mrs. L imitation instead.