Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Wish....

...I had my own class and classroom again.

...the beautiful red and brown and yellow leaves would stay on the trees for more than 3 weeks of fall. education courses would practice what they preach and eliminate exams altogether in favour of authentic assessments. hair would stay "done" in the rain.

...I could be lying on the beach in Kauai, sipping a Lava Flow, right now.

...massages were free (or at least cheaper!).

...healthy groceries would cost as little as unhealthy groceries.

...weekends were 4 days long.

...I could lose weight just by thinking about it.

...winter jackets and sweaters weren't so bulky.

...protein could be in every food.

...I had a nice new sporty car right now.

...I didn't have to sleep for more than 5 hours a night in order to be fully-functional.

...more people would smile.

...Christmas could happen twice a year. could have snow and winter without the cold temperatures (-5 ' C is fine, thankyouverymuch!)

...alcohol had zero calories and didn't make people fat.

...I had perfect vision and 3 pairs of "accessory" glasses instead of one pair of coke-bottles.

...sushi was more affordable.

...I didn't have to go study now. Booooo.


Natalie said...

Best thing I have to say about my college, no tests! Well science classes had them. Everything else was papers papers papers. At least 3 10-pagers per class plus the 20 page independant study paper at the end of the semester (40page if it was a year long class) but man did I learn stuff.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

No tests?!? Lucky lucky you!

My university is test-happy, and I think for all of my years of my first degree, we only did M/C and short-answer.

I would much prefer a lengthy essay to a test. I am good with essays. I can write for a long, long time. *sigh*

Wobbly*Bits said...

I wish I had known then what I know now about college. I studied and worked hard, but I freaking majored in French! Not the best way to get started. If I ever go back I'll be much smarter about it.

PS I kept getting error messages while trying to comment. Like for the past few days!

Catherine_Jane said...

My comment is going to probably long and unintentionally mis-pelled... I hit my first degree in arts with a major in French and a minor in Paleo.... French was easy and still remains easy despite the fact Steve has heard and understood a whole 3 seconds of the french I speak... I ran into that degree straight out of high school and it took me a while to actually complete it, ie: years off to work and see that school is often infinitely more fun than working... But with renewed vigor I tackled my phys ed degree ---> with distinction and during that time I worked two jobs - one morning during time I didnt have classes and the other a 3 - 4 weekend a week type bar job that really bruised my sleeping/boyfriend schedule... Steve always picked me up and I always went to class and got wicked marks... KEY BEING... be organized and mostly happily busy, and if you can throw in raging alcoholic with a responsible twist ---> yay!

School is great ! Grad School???

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Wobbly - Not sure about the are the only one I am aware of that is getting that... must be a Beta issue, non? And my first degree was in Psych (minor in English) so it was probably just as useful as your degree ;)

CJ - I think you should totally return for another dose of academia if that whole scene floats yer boat =) I like being on the "giving" end of instruction more than the "receiving" end, and in my experience the usefulness and application of the class content is not reflected in the exams that are given; I'd be totally happy with a class that asked for 100% project work but not ones that do M/C and S/A-question exams. Alas, being organized/busy/on a bender hasn't quite helped alleviate my stress just yet, but maybe I need to upgrade the potency of my drinks? ;)

Wobbly*Bits said...

Beta is the devil. Not that you're overly concerned, but rest assured I'm always reading, even if I'm rarely commenting!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I'm glad to hear that, Wobbly. As a matter of fact I was beginning to wonder with updates and no comments? That's so not Wobbly! But at least I think that you're out running, which is a good thing.

My momentum is going through some lag because of midterms and studying, but I did go once on Monday and will do so again tomorrow (Wed), with plans to go the rest of the week. Hopefully the momentum kicks back in! ;)