Saturday, October 28, 2006

Honoured and Humbled

After moaning and complaining for months about my lack of scholarships in spite of my relatively respectful GPA (3.87), I got some good news the other day.

I have been awarded a scholarship! It's for $500, and I have been honoured with this award for reasons entirely unrelated to my GPA. The award has been given to me for an essay I wrote sometime last year on a topic relating to special education; I am not even sure which essay (I had written several over the course of the year) but am in the process of sniffing out which dear professor submitted my work for nomination, so that I can return my gratitude to her in the form of a thank-you card.

I am very humbled by this particular scholarship, because as an after-degree student I wasn't able to declare a minor such as special education. As such, I was only able to take a handful of Educational Psychology classes pertaining to the area, and though I enjoyed it a lot, I obviously didn't (and still do not) have the same knowledge base or background about the topic as a student who is majoring (or minoring) in Special Education.

Which is why I am feeling honoured and humbled.

And celebrating =D


Vien said...

Cool! Hearty congrats Mrs L.

I find you to be one very articulate and eloequent writer.

And Special Ed. is such an undervalued area too.

Another reason to do some celebratory shopping...yaaahhh... :)

Wobbly*Bits said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful and you should be so proud!