Friday, September 22, 2006

Welcome to My Story - Just the Beginning

My understanding of God, and my knowledge of who Jesus is, has definitely evolved from the time when I first uttered my prayer to Him. As with all young people, I initially thought in extremes; it was either all-or-nothing, and there was no room for grace or love in between the two. My understanding of the Bible and of who God is, was superficial, and I lived for a while in a bubble made by and for "believers."

It is only after 15 years of life experience following that fateful day that I have begun to grasp what it truly means to be loved by God, and to be a recipient of His grace. Now I see things a little differently. Though I used to view myself as an outsider, unremarkable and without a place to belong, I have come to real
ize that we're all not that different after all. You and I, we are both unremarkable in and of ourselves; in some way, we're all outsiders. We've felt the sting of rejection and the pain of loneliness and emptiness. I have committed my share of sin, but then again, so have you; these have come in different packages, and have been lived out in different ways, but in the end, we've all sinned.

Our sin has separated us from God, who is good and perfect and sinless; because He cannot tolerate or look upon sin, we would have all been doomed to never know Him if it wasn't for the fact that He loved us first, and loved us deeply. His love was so powerful that He gave His only Son, the embodiment of Himself, to die in our place. It was because Jesus paid the price of death for my sin, and your sin, that through Him we now have the opportunity to know God first hand, and to have a relationship with Him. I've learned that His gift of salvation (saving us from our own sin) isn't just for me or for any particular people on the earth; I am as unremarkable as anyone, if not moreso.

His gift of salvation is for everyone, including you. His heart aches to forgive, and to lavish blessings on His children who have been reconciled to Him through Christ. He longs to give you and I new hearts that aren't so broken and twisted; He wishes to be in a personal relationship with us, and to become a part of our lives. All it takes is for us to talk to Him, wherever we are, in whatever state that we are in, and ask Him to forgive us and take away our sin, replacing it with His presence in our lives.

In learning that this is His heart's greatest desire, I have come to appreciate my role in the "big picture." I have been called to love, and to be gracious; I have been challenged to become one of God's ambassadors, through whom He can tangibly show love to people who feel alone, and unremarkable, and burdened like I did. He has asked me not only to love Him whole-heartedly, but to love my neighbor and my enemies as well. He has called me to tell my story, and to share the good news about who He is and what He has done for me and for you, to arrange for us to have hope, and healing, and eternal joy through Him.

And this is why I have shared my story with you. May it plant a seed in your own life.


I hesitate to call myself a Christian, not because I do not follow Jesus Christ, but because that label has become overused, and sullied by so many who have not really understood what it means to be a sinner who is saved by grace. Anybody can call themselves a Christian just because they believe there is a God, but the Bible says that even demons believe that there is a God. I would rather not associate myself with those who take on the title of "Christian" and yet continue to act with hate and judgement and self-righteousness. Because that is not who He is, nor is it what He is about. And that's not what I'm about, either.

Instead, I would much rather call myself a follower of Jesus, a personal friend of Christ's.

I am an unremarkable person who has found my significance, acceptance, and joy in the arms of a loving and holy God who continues to make me into a better person.

I am a sinner who deserved to suffer eternal separation from God because my sin, but who was saved and brought into eternal life by His loving act of sacrifice on a cross many years ago.

I am an imperfect creation who has fallen in love with her Creator.

My story has only just begun, and will continue to be written for eternity.


Wynn said...

Thanks Mrs. L. I needed that reminder. I read Deathwatch. And now I'm trying to figure out how to put that into practice. May our loving Father bless you a thousand times for your faithfulness and encouragement to ME not to forget to listen to His still small voice calling me to be just as faithful in the little things He has given me.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Thanks Wynn, for your encouragement! To Him be the glory! =D And I'm glad you liked the book; it was cheesy at first but when I figured out what it was trying to say, the book was redeemed.

Vien said...

A REMARKABLY awesome ongoing story Mrs. L! Even after knowing you all these years, we never knew the full details like we do now through the the written form.

Keep on shining.