Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We Evicted George Foreman

Lest lawsuits come a-knockin', let me clarify: our George Foreman grill was evicted yesterday. I got him for Christmas from my dear sis Superstar, and began enlisting his services when I was living in my old apartment in the "hood." When Hubbs moved into our present home, George moved in with him, and soon became a part of our dinner table. He grilled for us and even helped us with entertaining some guests who had come over for burgers. He was reliable and powerful, though perhaps not the cleanest one of the bunch. We tried to help him clean up his grime, but somehow, a little bit always managed to stick around. After a year and four months with us here, the accumulation of his filth finally caught up to him; he wasn't opening up as much, and he started to smell bad too, especially when he was all fired up. In spite of our efforts to get him clean, he refused to get clean. Sure, he still did his job around the house, but we started to notice that he was burning our food now.

Anyway, after a painful decision, we decided that we needed to evict George. He wasn't pulling his weight anymore, and the effort that we had to invest in h
im just to get him to do a simple job was not worth our time. So, yesterday, after we found his replacement, we broke the bad news to him and helped him pack up. He's gone now, and we eagerly look forward to our new helper, Hamilton Beach:

It was a good time while it lasted, George, but we gotta move on. Hamilton - welcome to the family!


Wobbly*bits said...

Does it have the removable plates that you can put in the dishwasher? They make a foreman grill like that but it's roughly the size of a large barbecue and not at all practical for me. That's my only issue with George as well, so hard to clean!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Yes, Hamilton has the plates that come off and are dishwasher safe. Unfortunately, he's a pretty big guy too and takes up more space (just by a little) than George did. But then again, you can buy a smaller version of the HB one; we just got the meal-maker size cuz we eat a LOT of grilled chicken! ;)

Ontario Emperor said...

I'm sure George could whup anyone named Hamilton any day.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen our George Foreman grill lately. Perhaps it's been retired also.

Nome said...

You ought to be getting paid for your product placement, really.

Wobbly*bits said...

Oooo, I need to look into this Hamilton then. The Foreman with removeable plates is enormous, and I live in a small one bedroom with a little kitchen. I do miss my Foreman, but I just couldn't keep using it when I felt like it never really got clean!

Yay! I agree, you should be getting kickbacks from Hamilton. You have made a sale!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Glad you're joining the club! We grilled bison burgers on it last night and Hubbs said that the flavour was 1000x better than what it tasted like when George did it. Hamilton may be a wimpy name, but he's one hell of a chef! ;)