Sunday, September 03, 2006

Swag Hag

Remember how I told you I love the free mini-shampoos and sewing kits provided at hotels? Well, I've decided to coin the term "swag hag" to describe people like me, who basically like anything that's free.My most recent "acquisitions" include a double-CD, fridge magnets, and beach bag (for sponsoring a World Vision HopeChild), and various shampoos and lotions and soaps from the hotels. Today, my Hubbs (so by default, I) also got a wine-bottle-opener kit, a magnetic game, an insulated coffee mug, and two computer/work bags from his placement company. A few weeks ago at the supplement store, I received a free t-shirt and some protein bars and protein drink mixes, along with two foamy round things that I think were meant to be used as grippers for barbells but now act as heat pads for my hot dishes.
Anyway, most of this stuff has nearly zero market value, especially since it's all branded with company logos. However, I still love every item, for they represent things that I was given for free, things that were gifted to us as tokens of appreciation for our patronage or our support, or for no reason at all. These swag items represent a generosity and grace that I sincerely appreciate, and even though I probably won't use half of this stuff and will likely donate the other half, it's nice to have received it nonetheless.

And that's what makes me a swag hag.


Ontario Emperor said...

Guilty as charged (but what's the male equivalent of a hag?).

Some swag is more useful than others - since June, I have been religiously using a small backpack I got at a Hewlett-Packard conference.

Didn't I just hear that the IRS is taxing the goodies that are given to Oscar and Emmy attendees?

Mrs. Loquacious said...

If that's true, it's about time! Swag should only be reserved for poor normal middle-class people like us, not celebs. Why does Jessica Simpson need to win a new car? Entirely unfair.

As for "swag hag," I can't think of a guy version. "Swag stag" doesn't quite sound right.