Saturday, September 16, 2006

Phenomenal Phantom

Few things inspire me more to sing than watching a live showing of a well-written, well-performed, musical stage production. And now I feel like singing =D

Watching Phantom of the Opera for the second time didn't make it any less entertaining; if anything, this second viewing was better, because I was more familiar with the songs and could sing along, plus I knew where to look for the "surprises" that happened during the show. It also helped that we were seated on the main floor in some seriously sweet seats. We could actually *feel* the heat from the pyrotechnics on the stage!

I remain amazed at how they do those candles on the floor of the stage when Christine and the Phantom are down in his "lair" those things just come out of the floor of the stage or what?

Truly, I believe the talents of the actors playing the Phantom and Christine and Raoul really make or break a performance, and we were lucky enough to score a very strong set of lungs in all three actors playing these roles. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Raoul was a good looking young dude (as opposed to shaggy-haired and older looking, which would have been all wrong for Christine)! ;)

I was a little worried for the Phantom tonight, though, when he had to sing while perched on the rather wobbly looking angel statue/fixture thing that was suspended from the ceiling. He looked like he was having some issues with his balance, and I kept waiting for him to fall and plummet to his death during the performance (which thankfully didn't happen, but if it did it would have been memorable for entirely different reasons).

Anyway, overall it was a fabulous night of great food and great company, followed by great entertainment. I am not complaining; I just wish I had more Saturday nights like this! (hint hint Hubbs!!).


janeylynne said...

My friend's fav. musical is the Phantom. My favorite is Les Miserables, which I was lucky enough to see on Broadway about 8 yrs. ago. I was in the second mezzanine or something, but it was phenomenal!

Sounds like you had a wonderful evening! Always nice to have a real date night every once in a while. :p

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I am *all* about the date nights. They're fabulously fun and they keep us romantic. =D

And I have yet to see Les Mis, which I know will probably be my favourite in no time.