Saturday, September 16, 2006

No no no no no no no!

It is coming.

The skies have darkened.

The temperature has plummeted.

The ground has dampened.

Leaves have decided to divorce their branches.

And I have been forced to turn on my heat.

Winter is nearly upon us.

May it be a brief and mild affair.


Vien said...

That sucks Mrs. L. The first signs of winter are always the most dreadful. But once it becomes reality, it's ok.

It is getting cool here too, but I'm still wearing sleeveless during the daytime.

But who I am to say, I'm SO glad not to be in the same boat, sorry to say. :)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I don't envy me either, Vien. I am cold cold cold, and need a new casual winter jacket pronto (from the looks of it). What happened to autumn?! That's what *I* wanna know!

Ontario Emperor said...

Our heat came on in Southern California a couple of nights ago.

OK, I'll grant that it was because the tempreature was well below 20 degrees Celsius, but STILL...

Actually, the thing that amazes me is how quickly one can get into Southern California mode. Over the past four years, we have hosted exchange students from Finland, Germany, and Switzerland. And they ALL get cold when the temperature starts to drop a teeny tiny bit. Go figure...