Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Worst Jobs

Whilst reading Mike Chalmers' blog on colour-coding how good his jobs were, I reflected on my own employment history - the good, the bad, and the oogly. I thought I'd share some of my yuckiest jobs with you:

* Designer Sunglasses Salesperson in Mall Kiosk - It was a full-time summer job, and at times
I worked from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. That wasn't so bad, but I didn't get the legal allotment of breaks, and sometimes I worked the kiosk by myself, which meant that if I needed to use the washroom, I would have to take everything down and lock up. Thankfully, the kiosk was located near a leather goods store that was manned by a Lebanese teenage guy who a real flirt and very nice to me; sometimes when I needed to go he'd just watch my stand, since his store saw even less traffic than my kiosk did. Of course, I learned a lot about Oakleys and Serengettis and higher-end sunglasses with impact-resistant, shatter-proof lenses. I quit once the summer was over.

* Go-Kart Track Cashier - It was another summer job, one which I took right after high school. I was supposed to be the ticket seller and soft-serve vendor at a small, local go-kart track. Unfortunately, my boss was a sexist slimebucket who refused to let girls work on the track, and who insisted that his "girls" wear tight-fitting clothes that "flattered their bodies" at work. As well, he'd change his shirt in the middle of the kitchen (and nobody wants to see his gross body), and at one point he asked another female employee (a friend of mine) to take his wallet out of his back pocket for him; his excuse was that his hands were dirty, but I think the only really dirty thing about him was his pervo mind. I quit after 2 weeks.

* Hostess of an Italian Restaurant - After being a hostess at Earls (which I loved), I decided to get another hostessing gig when I moved. Unfortunately, this hostessing job paid horribly, and not only was I expected to seat customers and run the occasional entree, but I was supposed to fill up all the guests' water, serve the buns, clean the tables, clean the bathroom, and shut down the patio as well. The tip-outs from the servers at this place were minimal, and I caught the restaurant recycling uneaten dinner buns from one set of diners to the next. The restaurant was filthy and gross in the back. I quit after 3 weeks.

Those were probably my top three worst jobs of all time, and I am very glad that I will no longer have to deal with that level of ickiness or law-bending once I enter the highly-regulated teaching profession. Of course, I am definitely glad to have lived through the horrors of these jobs, since I probably built a lot of character from my experiences. Or so I'm told.


Natalie said...

What kind of teacher are you going to be? I am hoping to be in the classrom by 2010 at the latest but I need to get my butt moving.

Nome said...

That's a great list. I have a few doozies too. I used to sell knives, if you can believe it. Good times.

Mike said...

I can't wait to be doing a job that I love, I just can't see it happening antime soon (except the occasional good shift).

I added your link to my site too, it seems like you've been part of the gang and I've been missing out! But for no longer!

Mike said...

Plus, your link to Lex Culinaria is a good choice, thanks for pointing me in their direction!

RennyBA said...

Your gona be the greatest!
Btw: Thanks for the nice comment on my Norwegian multicultural post:-)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Natalie - I'm planning on entering the field officially in the fall of 2007, and I want to teach Division 2 kids (Gr. 4-6). I'm an elementary teacher at heart =D

Nome - I almost ended up selling knives too! But I high-tailed it outta that office faster than you can say, "It cuts through rope!" ;)

Thanks for adding me, Mike! =D Did you know Lex is actually a girl?!? I was shocked too!

And RennyBA, you're welcome! =)