Thursday, September 28, 2006

Good Housekeeping

Every so often, I am stricken with the urge to clean. This is usually preceded by an extended length of not cleaning, followed by a few moments of mortifying discovery (usually of the dust persuasion), or the approach of a visitor to our humble home.

Today was such a day. It came upon me like a wave after I noticed that there was an uncomfortable layer of gray that had settled on the top part of my desk (where Hubbs' many Transformers are proudly displayed). I tried to hold it back, to justify that I could wait until the weekend, but alas, the urge was uncontainable.

I began by doing laundry. Mountains of laundry, including all of the bedding. I even replaced our summer comforter with our down-filled winter one. Then I folded laundry, and did the dishes.

Next, I wiped down the shelves and desk tops and window sills and top of the vents, all of which had accumulated a respectable layer of dust. This proved to be a more challenging task than I had initially imagined, particularly when it came to wiping around my Hubbs' very cluttered desk, and his Transformer collection, each of which had to be replaced in their original positions just so.

Post-wiping, I attacked the bathrooms with my spray cleaners and sponges and paper towels and toilet brushes. Then I swept the floors. Finally, I mopped the floors.

And then I rested.

Of course, my urge has dissipated somewhat now that most of the place is clean, but there is still the annoying task of vaccuuming the carpets and the blinds. This I am saving for another day, possibly on the weekend.

And now I can feel good about sitting down with my textbook and reading about pedagogy again.



Natalie said...

That sounds like me exactly! I think a friend is coming over tomorrow and he has a reputation for outing messy houses on his Live Journal so I really have some work to do before Saturday evening. wish me luck! I don't have transformers to clean around, but I do have Star Wars toys and they MUST stay in position.

Wobbly*Bits said...

Hahhhah!!! I am not a good cleaner. I know HOW to clean, but I just suck at it. Things never look clean after I spend hours cleaning them. It's terribly unfair.

My aunt recently had to cut back on her cleaning lady's hours because all of her kids have gone off to college or gotten married. She now sends her cleaning lady to my apartment every other week. It's AMAZING. Best money someone ever spend for me :) Apparently in my family if you cannot afford a cleaning lady, one will be appointed to you.

I highly recommend finding someone to hire you a cleaning lady <3

Catherine_Jane said...

Since Steve refuses to grow up and do any cleaning related activities, a cleaning lady may be necessary to prevent me from poking his eyes out at some point.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I actually negotiated this with Hubbs, and he agreed to a cleaning lady coming in every couple of weeks. Since this first job was a little exhaustive and involved the movement of precious Transformers, I decided to do it myself.

Next time, however, I may be hitting up Molly Maid or some other similar cleaning team to tackle the vaccuuming and dusting. Just wish they weren't so dang expensive (their hourly rates are almost as high as developers'!).

Mrs. Loquacious said...

And Natalie - I hope your cleaning was fruitful and obvious, since it is very embarrassing to be known as the messiest home in one's social circle (a reputation I think my Hubbs once held).

And Wobbly - I *wish* I had wealthy relatives who would lend out their maids! Unfortunately, most of my relatives and in-laws are do-it-yourselfers, and yet Hubbs managed to inherit the can't-clean gene. Go figure!

Wobbly*Bits said...

I now can't live without a cleaning lady. If my aunt's generosity runs out, I will go without to keep her coming. I am a spoiled rotten brat.

It's not my fault though. I blame the violence on TV, or the unrealistic body image Hollywood has created, or bad spinach, or microwaves frying my brain through my cell phone. Yeah. That's it.