Sunday, September 03, 2006

Deal of My Lifetime

If you aren't already aware, I am a bargain hunter. The frugal part of me (a value instilled by my hard-working, lower-middle-class parents) refuses to pay exorbitant amounts of money (or even regular price) for almost anything. As a result, I often make a beeline for the "Clearance" and "75% off" signs upon entry into any store, and generally refuse to look at the other "newer" feature items hanging on the walls or displayed in front-of-the-store shelving.

This past weekend, I had a chance to shop with my bro, Vanilla Con, and Mommy. We headed to one of the Winners stores in town, where I found nothing that I wanted to buy; everything in their racks looked remarkably picked over, and I wasn't interested in sifting through mounds of ugly clothing just to find one or two articles that may or may not fit. When the rest of my shopping posse went to pay for their goodies at the till, I began to walk towards the benches located at the front of the store (near the tills), when what should catch my eye but a Clearance sign!

I began to look through the sale bin beneath this sign, as well as its neighboring sale rack, which featured a few "leftover" items. One of these items in particular caught my eye, be
cause it was a beautiful eye-catching cranberry red leather briefcase. In my mind, I quickly figured that the briefcase would still cost me $80 or so at its lowest clearance price, since the original "Compare at" price detailed the bag to be valued at $220 elsewhere. Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw that the most recently marked-down price of this gorgeous bag was $25!!!!

Immediately I checked for rips or tears or a faulty zipper, none of which I found. This was truly an opportunity I could not pass up, given that I will be entering my field as a professional in less than a year. I held tightly to my newfound treasure as I sped walked to the nearest till, where I raved to the cashier about how great a deal this bag was. My mom confirmed its material to be genuine leather (using her trusty sniff test), and I proceeded to purchase this:

A Latico Leathers Classic L0126 2-Compartment Briefcase, in cranberry red Vaquetta leather. Priced originally at $220 ($139CDN at Winners), found online for no less than $108US (+ shipping), and purchased by moi for a humble $25.

Now isn't that a deal of my lifetime?


The Igloo Coder said...

Does it come with a matching man purse for your other half?

Ridley Thunder said...


anyways, I love bargain hunting too. I once bought one of those cool Penguin shirts that everyone wears for like 5 bucks in a vintage shop (those things range for like 50 to 80 bucks now). Best. Deal. Ever.

Vien said...

wow, I'm so happy for you Mrs. L.

That's a gorgeous bag, I think red, for some certain articles of clothing or accessories is so classy.

Maybe you can find that old shade of red lipstick you used to wear to match ! ;)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Actually, Vien, my old lipstick shade wasn't even *that* red. The actual bag colour is a little less *bright* than the picture portrays it, which is why I'm not sure if my bag is actually *red* or *cranberry*? Regardless, it's very red (moreso than I would ever wear in a lipstick). I'm so excited to use my bag!!! =D