Sunday, August 06, 2006

Viva La France!

Those operators of the French pavillion at Heritage Days sure are smart! =)

Here's what they did right, that everyone else did wrong:

1)They created a menu that offered only one type of food : crepes. The variety came in how the crepes were dressed - with icing sugar (naturel), with whipped cream (chantilly), with chocolate (chocolat), or with orange glaze and Grand Marnier (suzette).

2)They had a large staff of volunteers to help prepare the crepes, making for efficient service and sufficient supply.

3)They operated two very distinct and separate line-ups for their food.

4)They used their display tent as a cafe, complete with tables, chairs, centerpieces with fresh flowers, and a nice volunteer man who wiped up the tables after people were done.

5)They limited their France display to a table on the side of the cafe and one side of the tent, where visitors could browse after eating; they didn't try to overcram any simple minds with too much information about French culture.

The crepes were also amazingly light and moist, and delicious and fresh. We thoroughly enjoyed our time resting in the shade at our cafe table with our fresh flowers, and we have the French
(pavillion) to thank for redeeming the end of our otherwise-horrendous Heritage Days experience.


superstarjo said...

Couldn't agree more! The French are the BEST :)

The French pavillion is run by the Alliance Francais. My French teacher is one of the volunteers. I'll be sure to pass along tes mots d'appreciation!