Thursday, August 10, 2006

Toilet Style

(Warning: If talking about toilet use is offensive to you, stop reading now!)

Well, now that I have your full attention, let's talk about toilet styles, shall we? I lived in HK once upon a time, and that city is debatably one of the filthiest places in the world when it comes to public washrooms. As such, I (along with everyone I knew) learned the fine art of squatting; it became a no-brainer because some of the bathrooms there were squattie-potties, and you really didn't have a choice but to squat. In other places where real toilets existed, the seats would be covered in footprints (and various forms of unidentifiable waste material) from very nimble (and rude) folks who had climbed onto the seat to stand, so that they could squat.

Anyway, I'm not living in HK anymore, but I find that old habits die hard. For the most part, then, I am an unabashed squatter (with very strong quad muscles); I also occasionally line & sit. This whole line of thinking then led me to consider the various toilet styles of my readers..and of people in general. I'm pretty sure most of you aren't squatters unless you've lived in another country. I also know that Ridley is a Line & Sitter (*gasp!*), but what about you?

Here are the types of toilet styles I am aware of:

-the Sitter (who sits on public toilet seats)
-the Line & Sitter (who lines the toilet seat with several layers of toilet paper before sitting down)
-the Squatter (who hovers over public toilet seats without sitting)
-the Step & Squatter (who stands on the seat to squat to use the toilet)
-the Avoider (who refuses to use public toilet seats but would rather risk explosion and hold it in until they get home to the privacy of their own toilet)

So what's your take on the toilet? Are the public ones clean enough to park your unprotected buttocks on? Are they "safe" once a toilet seat liner or a couple of layers of toilet paper have been applied as a shield against germs? Are they only clean if you're the first person in line after the cleaning person has cleaned the stalls? Are they cleaner at certain places (airports, expensive restaurants) than others (the mall, gas stations)?

Inquiring minds want to know. =D


Vien said...

I line and sit so they better be clean!

Perception is everything.

Wobbly*Bits said...

It depends. I'll squat in a bar or a movie theater or any place sketchy. At a nicer restaurant, or where I work I line and sit. I should probably just squat at all times to avoid the internal debate about which to choose...I like to live on the edge though.

What about those new studies that show your cell phone is dirtier than a public toilet seat? I haven't read them but I'm calling shenanigans on that one. Not even I put my ass on my cell phone, let alone hundreds of other people.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Also, ear wax doesn't come off your ear onto the phone that often, whereas sh*t and pee comes out of people's butts and sometimes land on the seat when they misfire.

But I agree with Vien - sometimes perception is everything.

Wobbly*Bits said...

I don't get how a public toilet can (supposedly) cleaner than your own self phone even if you're peeing on your phone. It's not like everyone else is peeing on it. I should really take thirty seconds to look up this study and figure out what they mean...but that sounds hard.

Wynn said...

I am an avoider. Deffinately, however with four children, two being girls who know where EVERY bathroom in EVERY store is located, I am forced to teach the line and sit (because up until recently they were to short to squat...)