Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Random Yield from Blog-Surfing

Due to cloudy weather, my date night with Hubbs was postponed. We spent our evening web-surfing on our respective comps instead (geeky, eh?). I found this interesting bit of art from my blog-surf (the result of hitting "Next Blog" on the Blogger tool bar to travel from site to site):

Art For Jesus posts a lot of illustrations that reflect this blogger's own walk with God. Here's one that I really loved, called Overwhelmed:

I just love that picture. I wish I could lie on some clean, bug-free, crisp blades of grass and stare into the pitch black, star-lit sky. Unfortunately it's cloudy tonight and I have no beautiful freshly-lain sod to rest on (unless we go to the Van Vliet's and bunk out in their back yard!). *sigh*


janeylynne said...

Oh, I love, love, love that! My hubby and I enjoy sittin in our backyard late at night and looking up at the stars quite frequently. A couple of weeks ago we witnessed at least a dozen shooting stars. So serene and beautiful and really awe-inspiring.

Binsk said...

That is REALLY is a cool painting.