Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Power of the Airbrush

I never used to believe it. I thought that models really did look that gorgeous, their skin really was naturally hairless, their legs really were that thin and shapely, and their armpits really didn't have that weird extra fold of skin that the rest of us have. They were simply a slightly more evolved breed, non?

Then, I learned about airbrushing. Not just the "fix-the-weird-strand-of-hair" variety, either; this was the revolutionary "change-from-fat-to-skinny, imperfect-to-goddess-like" kind. You can find samples of them here, here, here, and here.

Today, as I was cruising my celeb gossip blogs, I found another instance of photoshopping miracles, this time in the form of Britney Spears, for Glamour magazine.

Here she is *before* the airbrushing:

Here she is *after* the airbrushing:

Huge difference, right? Neck no longer has weird fat folds, her eyes have suddenly evened up and her chin has narrowed. Her hair has become an entirely different style and cut, and unsightly facial lines have all but disappeared from her face. They've recropped the image to remove her underarm fold. They've also managed to reverse her haggardly, aged appearance, and tilt her head back to an upright position.

I can never trust a magazine photo image again! My eyes deceive me, as do the magazine editors and photoshoppers airbrushing the hell out of the truth.

Why don't the mags post the "before" pictures instead of these fake edited ones? I mean, as a consumer I would rather be assured in knowing that celebrities are as human as I am, rather than be fooled into thinking that they naturally look more gorgeous and flawless than the general population. Give me an "ideal" that is attainable, and I will consider achieving it. Give me this airbrushed-to-death garbage and I won't ever succeed no matter how hard I try to look like that.

And people wonder why I no longer buy magazines. Sheesh!


Ontario Emperor said...

And then when they do venture into the public at red carpet events, there's all sorts of preparation beforehand, including starving if necessary.

Wobbly*Bits said...

Oh my god, that's really incredible. I always assumed they airbrushed, it seems totally common sense right? But not like that!!! She doesn't even look the same. That's stupid. I'd love to see a picture of me all airbrushed. Ooo, I could finally wear a bikini.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

If they could do miraculous airbrushing, I'd even consider going nude (cuz it wouldn't be *MY* body that would end up as the final product!) ;)

And yeah...pre-public outing for main events, there are some seriously intense prep sessions. I like seeing the candids when they're grocery shopping, though - those are nasty real and a very normalizing, equalizing thing to view.