Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Little Dense and a Little Delayed

It seems that I'm a tad dense, and a bit delayed in my reaction to Nome's tag. Sorry Nome!!! But, now that I've returned from the Rockies and my mind is clear and my belly is overly-full, I am ready to play!

In Blog Tag (so far as I understand it), I am supposed to write 8 things/facts/habits about myself and then proceed to tag another 6 unwitting (and unwilling) volunteers to do the same. It's a bl
og icebreaker of sorts, I guess, although quite frankly, most people are pretty darn open on their blogs anyway and just by reading one's blog it would be relatively easy to identify a host of eccentricities, habits, and tidbits about the blog author, oui?

1) One of the things that creeps me out the most in all of the world are bumpy rounded textures that are packed close together. Like the textures inside pomegranates. Like those fairy mushroom rings found on diseased lawns. Like rashes that consist of round coloured bumps clustered together on one's skin. I get very anxious when I see these things, and shortly afterwards my skin begins to crawl and I begin to hyperventilate. When I used to live in a high-rise near the U, our building had a fairy ring problem and several of these were flourishing on the patches of grass outside the entrance. I literally had to cover my eyes and focus on my breathing in order to walk past them without losing it entirely. Even thinking about it now gives me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.

2) I wish I had naturally wavy hair. Mine is stick straight and doesn't hold curls well, and I have always envied those lucky individuals who can wear their hair straight *or* curly simply by blow-drying it in certain ways. If only!

3) I am deaf in my right ear. As in severely, profoundly, incurably deaf. Those of you
who know me IRL already know that, but for the benefit of those who know me only from this blog, I thought I'd share that weird tidbit with ya. As far as I've remembered, I have always been deaf in that ear. My parents think that it happened when I ran a really high temperature as a preschooler. I was pretty young, and my fever ran pretty high, to the point where (so I'm told) I was hysterically upset and no longer responding to the call of my name or my parents' attempts to comfort me. My fever finally broke when my dad was holding me; I puked all down his back when that happened. Perhaps this was when my auditory nerve (inner ear) got damaged. Anyway, bottom line is that I have a "deaf spot" on my right side, so people to the right of me often have to tap me on the shoulder or tug on my arm to get my attention. Otherwise, I don't hear them.

4) I am afraid of getting lice. I have never had it (thank God!) but since I've chosen a profession where I will be working with little people who tend to easily contract and share their lice, it is something that I constantly worry about. In fact, I have considered using lice shampoo as a preventative measure, although I am told that this is an ineffective tactic since the shampoo only works once you get lice.

5) I have never cheated in school, not once in the 19 years that I have been a student (K-12, Bible College, 4 year B.A., and 1 year After-Degree so far). Not ever. Not on a test, not on a project, not even on worksheets that didn't count for marks. I attempted to cheat once in the eighth grade, but that was unsuccessful and I got caught and my plans got thwarted before I could even carry out the act. I never tried again. I think my clean record has to do with the fact that I have an unhealthy heavy conscience and guilt complex, and to do something like cheat would cause me no end of grief and guilt and worry, and frankly, I have enough of that in my life as it is.

6) I rarely eat vegetables. I know, I know...for someone who espouses the benefits of healthy eating and living, I should be a near lacto-ovo-pescetarian by now. My problem is that I have a hard time finding veggies that I like and that are convenient and healthy to eat and that don't cause me IBS grief. Plus, veggies don't usually taste nearly as great as carbs or protein or fat (unless we're talking about edamame, which tastes good all the time!). I need to add more fruits and veggies to my diet, lest I die of scurvy. I miss HK and its delicious choi sum. *sigh*

7) I own 28 pairs of shoes, and I want to buy more every time I walk past a shoe store or department store. Come to think of it, I even blogged about my shoe purchases three times since this blog first began less than a year ago! Is this a sickness? I am beginning to think that it might be.

8) My goal in life is to be a light, and to shine that light and brighten the lives of everyone I have ever known. When I die, I want to be remembered for having had such life and vitality and positivity that those around me were infected by these qualities. I hope that those who speak at my memorial will remember with fondness my energy and enthusiasm, and I want my tombstone to read, "Her light shone brightly and lit up our lives" or something like that. It's too creepy to write your own tombstone inscription so I will leave it up to my future children to do that.

Anyway, now I want to tag a few others - and tagging back is NOT allowed!

1) Hubbs - Not for me, but for everyone else to learn more about the awesome guy that I married.
2) Wobbly*Bits - A fantastic writer who needs to share more of her loveliness with the cyber world.
3) Viener - Because she is quirky and interesting and funny, and she now lives in Tucson, AZ.
4) Space Max - Because I need to learn more about my future bro-in-law.
5) Igloo Coder - Because he needs to blog about more than just coding stuff! ;)
6) Discount Matt - Just because I want to see him blog about something that isn't coupons or a discount or a sale. C'mon, Matt - let's see something about YOU!

Tag, boys and girls - you're IT!


Ridley Thunder said...

I have lots of shoes too. Shoes rock!
I remember cheating in a grade 8 social exam, in which I had to make sure I got a good mark, but not a fantastic mark. I got an 85%, but I felt like crap afterwards.
I also continuously cheat in FIFA 2006 and the Sims

janeylynne said...

The "deaf in one ear" thing reminds me of "It's a Wonderful Life" when his future wife speaks to him in his bad ear.

It seems like everyone has a phobia of some kind. Yours seems to be a bit more rare than most, but hey, at least you aren't terrified of heights like I am!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Yesterday I met a girl who has the *exact* same phobia. So now there are 2 of us, and I don't feel so alone! =D

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Yay! Igloo Coder has responded to his tag! You can check out his blog using the blogroll on my blog, folks! =D

Nome said...

I love love love this list! I knew you would come through for me. Late or not, this was worth the wait.

What a fascinating and quirky little list.

Thanks for sharing it.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

LOL...I'm not that fascinating, Nome. But it was definitely a fun list to should check out my Hubby's's far more interesting than mine, IMHO.


Anonymous said...

Bible college doesn't count.