Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lacto-Ovo Pescetarian

HUBBS: Did you know that Jack Lalanne is a lacto-ovo vegetarian?
ME: Who?

HUBBS: I just found out that Bill Pearl was also a lacto-ovo!

And so began our conversation about bodybuilders who were vegetarian, and whether or not we could also consider this possibility for our diets (stop snickering, I'm being serious). However, soon after figuring out that lacto-ovo vegetarians *only* eat vegetables, eggs, and dairy products, we realized that we could never survive on such a sushi-free diet.

So, I began to do a little research on vegetarianism. I discovered a potential solution that is the best of both worlds - pescetarianism (or pesco-vegetarianism). It's also known as fishetarianism or vegequarianism (cool names, eh?), the diet that allows lacto-ovos to eat seafood as well as eggs and dairy.

True vegans, particularly those who choose the vegetarian path out of religious and/or ethical reasons, argue that pescetarians aren't r
eally vegetarians at all, and should not be associated with them. However, since Hubbs & I would only be exploring the option as a means of becoming healthier eaters, we wouldn't really care if the true vegans regarded us as one of them or not.

Anyway, as I was digging, I also found another interesting term - pollotarianism, or pollo-vegetariansm. In this dieting practice, lacto-ovos eat chicken as well as dairy and eggs. I found it interesting only because I am sure that many of you out there are practicing pollotarians, and didn't even know it! In fact, Hubbs is almost one himself; his daily diet consists mostly of spinach, eggs, chicken, and protein shakes.

The idea that one could get big and ripped on a lacto-ovo diet has revolutionized Hubbs' thinking, and thus in the near future you may see us beginning to incorporate the eating habits of the pescetarian on an increasingly-regular basis. This does mean I will be giving up my char-siu and roast duck and sweet and sour pork, but sometimes great sacrifices are required for great gains, and if I am planning to get ripped before Superstar's wedding, I have to get started pretty darn soon.

If any of you have had experiences with the lacto-ovo or pesco-veg diets, let me know! I'd love to gain a little more perspective on what I might be getting myself into... ;)


Ridley Thunder said...

No Hay Pollo Como Super Pollo

Ontario Emperor said...

Years ago, someone came up with a shortened term for "lacto-ovo-pesco-vegetarian" -