Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The End of My Big Fat Family Vacation

So, continuing with the recap:

- Delicious overpriced fondue; I'm too cheap to order the exotic fondue so I stick with a lunch steak & seafood fondue over hot rocks - the sauces are fantastic and fattening and the food is amazing, plus we get our own little section complete with a couch for the family to sit and watch TV on!

- I head over to the spa for a superbly relaxing facial, and promptly fall asleep in my chair

- More jacuzzi soaking

- We order in Dominos Pizza at the hotel, and have a quiet night spent in our room

- Breakfast at Bison Mountain Bistro; best brekkie food in the hamlet!

- Childhood memories raped and pillaged by the people at Calaway Park; Hubbs notes the missing Hanna Barbera characters, while I note the inefficient service and unsafe-looking rides that take way too long to get onto, despite the rain and gloomy weather

- Dinner at one of our new favourite Japanese restaurants - Shiso; I have a very large bento box that I must share with others

- Casino fun; I win $25 and gain another $70 from kindly familial benefactors

- Sleeping in an amazing king-sized bed with down duvet and down pillows; it is our best sleep of the trip

Quickie check-out, quickie trip to Winners, and lunch at the Rusty Pelican; I inhale my prime rib sandwich but cut off the lardy fat parts

- Shopping; we bring home Sudoku Gridmaster for the DS and Arrested Development Season 3

Which brings me home. Oh, how sweet it is to be home! Of course, now I have a tonne of laundry to do, but man oh man, was it ever worth it! =D



Nome said...

I too have fond memories of Calaway Park, but it's safe to say I probably shouldn't try to go back there as a grown-up. Waayy too cynical for that.