Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dye Not

I have a confession to make. I have never dyed my hair. As in *not once.* Ever.

I am afraid to do it.

You see, I have seen Chinese chicks with bad dye jobs, who ended up looking like transvestite Thai hookers with their dark roots and nasty, dry, brittle bleached blonde hair. I have also seen Asians whose stylists left the bleach in too long, resulting in what looked like premature gray hairs on the head of a young person. I've seen former students dye their jet-black hair blue, which looked cool for all of a week until the dye started coming out and they were left with a head full of grayish-green straw, which they then had to shave off due to the shame of having such a nasty miscoloured mop. I've seen 4" black roots lurking above 4" of coloured hair, the black patiently waiting to overtake the fading brown/burgundy/orange. And I've seen the dull fake-black that some have tried to dye their hair, in an attempt to return it to its natural state. Such an attempt never looks quite right, since this universal black inevitably misses some of the subtle highlighting that is common to natural black hair.

My fear of any combination of those scenarios occuring has therefore imprisoned me in my natural shiny black hair, thus far isolated from the glorious world of highlights and lowlights.

The moment I work up enough courage to even consider the idea, my mind begins to race. Will I end up looking really unnatural (like the girl with blood red highlights in the pic)? What if the colour doesn't suit me at all? What if my hair can never return to its current healthy state?

For now, I will remain imprisoned by my fear of coloring. However, I will rest in the assurance that no matter how bad my hair is on any given day, I can wash and restyle and it will look better, and won't require me to cough up another $70 or jeopardize the health of my mane.


cristina said...

okay i'm weird because I actually like red highlights like the girl has above and wanted them! lol I just havent been able to afford them!!!!!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

No, that's *totally* diff for you Cristina. Latina girls can pull off all sorts of cool looks, including light brown hair w/blonde highlights (a la J-Lo). It's something about how your skin colouring works with the hair colour. You could go as light as sandy brown and *nobody* would think your hair was unnatural. My yellow skin makes it impossible for me to pull off those looks without looking completely unnatural.

superstarjo said...

I am of the total opposite mentality. I think I am ADDICTED to dying my hair. I love it. It adds so much dimension and body to one-color flatness.

I do admit, however, that it costs a lot of money (and time) to maintain it. I get my roots done about every 6-8 weeks in the summer. I also have to use regualar AND leave in conditioner to keep it soft and healthy.

That said, I will be returning back to plain old black in the fall. Then, around Christmas likely, I will probably change it again. Oh the possibilities!

cristina said...

That is the thing girl...i'm not going for 'natural' looking...i mean bright red highlights aren't natural on *ANYONE* no matter where they are from :) Latina's just don't have red highlights...EVER :) I like those crayon red ones!!! woohoo!!!!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I take it all back then, Cristina - you are a weirdo! ;)

And yes, there is such a thing as a dye-addiction, or perhaps dye-necessity since EVERYONE who dyes should be maintaining regularly.

However, natural black hair isn't unidimensional, b/c contrary to public opinion, ppl w/black hair don't have *one* colour of black hair, but several diff. subtle hues. This is why the dyed black hair looks so unnatural, cuz real black hair doesn't look so darned uniform!

Nome said...

I've always thought that Asian hair looks amazing in its natural colour and texture. And yours is beautiful. Good for you for resisting a pretty tedious trend that's VERY popular in my town.

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