Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Chosen One

For jury duty, that is. It's an honor being nominated, really!

I was summoned and received my official documents a few days ago.

I have always wanted to be on a jury, to serve the public and to hear all the nitty gritties of a trial. It always looks so exciting on Law & Order. =) Plus, you get sequestered and put up in a nice hotel with free meals if the jury ends up being hung.

Unfortunately, I don't think this whole jury business is meant to be, because I will be back in school full-time when the trial begins. I am not willing to miss class and risk jeopardizing my GPA to do my civic duty, nor do I think I am eligible as a full-time student, anyway.

So, I will have to forego this opportunity, and hope that one day when I am gainfully (and possibly unhappily) employed, that I will be lucky enough to be summoned again, and thus delivered from my day job to live out my dream as a juror.

Any one out there with jury duty experience? Is it as glamorous as I think it is? Do share!


Doormatt said...

Wow! That's pretty cool. I know that it would be difficult for me to serve because I would leave my patients hanging....(pardon the pun)......So do you have to give them a reason why if you can't serve?

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Doctors are exempt from serving (it actually says so in the fine print), b/c they provide a necessary service that would otherwise put lives in jeopardy! Kinda skews the whole "random selection" process though...

You can apply to be excused and give a reason, and then they evaluate it and get back to you w/their answer. I sent back my form along w/my unofficial transcripts (highlighting my GPA) and my email confirmation of enrolment for Sept. We'll see if that works.

karen said...

I got summoned once, but I was also a full-time student so I gave the excuse that I couldn't miss classes. I've yet to be asked again. (And I doubt it's anywhere near exciting - I hear it's usually very dull to be a juror.)

Ontario Emperor said...

Once I made it on a jury as an alternate. This is the worst - you have to sit through the trial, but don't get to go into the deliberations. The bailiff was nice enough to call me afterwards and tell me what the jury decided.

The last time I was called, I was excused by the prosecution - presumably because of my profession. So if you don't want to serve on a property damage case, maybe you can say you're an insurance adjuster or sumfin.