Thursday, August 24, 2006

Becoming a Gummaholic

I may be developing an addiction problem, but it's not what you think. Really. It's not pills, it's not powder, and it's certainly not hooch. It's gummy.

I am becoming a Gummy Vites addict. It all started really innocently, I swear. The bottle said that people aged 6 and over should take 4 vitamin gummy bears per day. So I did. And it tasted so good. So flavourful and non-vitaminy and fun to chew. I tried hard just to eat my daily allotment, but sometimes I would forget. Did I take my gummy bears yet? And then the rationalizing began. Maybe I didn't take them this morning. I should really make sure I'm healthy so I'd better take 4...just in case. The next thing you know, I must have been taking 8, maybe 12 gummy bears a day. I think I had 8 today.

I blame Costco for selling these dang bottles in industrial sizes. More for me to eat, and to abuse. Even now, as I type, I am sitting here at the computer with a full bottle of Gummy Vites beside me, and it is taking every ounce of my self-control to keep me from eating the entire bottle. If I don't get help soon, I may one day OD on vitamin gummy bears. Somebody help me before I become a gummaholic!


Nome said...

Haha. How ridiculously cute is that! I don't think you can OD on children's vitamins, but if I hear anything to the contrary I will certainly let you know STAT!

Ontario Emperor said...

Actually, I'm a little more worried about this, and about the sales of such a product. Overdoses of vitamins CAN be bad for you, and I don't think it's all that smart for a company to market vitamins as gummy animals.

Of course, Flintstones vitamins share the same problem.

Nome said...

Aw cmon! Have you actually looked at the dosages in there? They're for CHILDREN, itty bitty light little creatures with firefly metabolisms. I betcha they contain practically nothing, and most vitamins get excreted if your body's not using them anyway. But...we'll let her read the bottle.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Oh, adults can take the gummies too - I compared its content and for the most part, 4 gummies = the same as 1 adult multivitain. 8 gummies = double the goodness ;)

I'm heading on va-cay and I portioned out my gummies so that I should (in theory) only eat 4/day. We'll see if that happens, since that car ride is gonna be long.... ;)

And OE - don't worry about the kids can OD thing. The bottle is child-proof so the little people shouldn't be able to eat the entire bottle in a sitting. Can't say the same about teens though....but I don't think vitamines give anyone a high, do they? Well, except me. ;)

cristina said...

My 'Lena LOVES THESE! We don't have that brand, but the winnie the pooh ones. She stopped liking the flinestone-style Dora vitamin chewables and I thought she was past the "choking hazzard" stage, although the label says for ages three and up. I give her two a day and cut each gummy up into two or three peices (try that for making your pleasure last longer!)

Lena could eat a whol handful of these no doubt so I do keep it sealed and out of her reach! Mommy has had only one or two and daddy two, but for the most part, we keep out of them.

NOT BECAUSE WE DON'T like them but because I don't want to go through her bottle too quickly! :) Those things don't grow on trees (do they?)!!

THANKS for the laugh.

Natalie said...

I should try these. For some reason big people vitamins give me tummy aches even when taken with food. This may be a very smart option. I also really love all things gummy and it could be bad news. We'll have to see.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Yeah, my friend Ah-Lei-See also has problems taking regular vitamins; she gets nauseous big time. She tried some of the gummy vits and ended up buying a big bottle at Costco when she went with me. I trust she's keeping these little guys down no problem now!