Saturday, July 15, 2006

Who Loves Katamari?

My husband does. A lot.

We Love Katamari (a version of Katamari Damacy) is a PS2 game that essentially features a little Prince character who, in a bid to impress his father and build a cosmos of planets, takes a katamari ball and rolls it around in various settings. The Prince uses his katamari ball to pick up progressively larger pieces of "stuff" along the way, in an attempt to make the ball as large as possible, or meet a certain size criteria within a specific time limit. When he accomplishes this, his father the King will make the katamari ball into a planet, and will sometimes tell the Prince a story about his childhood. When the Prince has created enough of a cosmos, he will then try to roll up all of his planets to a grand enough size that he can roll up the sun.

So, in essence, the game is about rolling around a ball and picking up junk. My Hubbs is absolutely fascinated with this game, and has even completed every level of it already, in a mere 5 days. He claims that the game is somehow therapeutic and cathartic for him, particularly when he reaches those levels where his katamari can roll up buildings and people and houses and other giant public structures. I, however, fail to see the therapeutic value of the game. The songs are sung in Japanese pop style (which I cannot understand), and the king character babbles on in barely-coherent phrases.

Anyway, I wonder if this game appeals to the rest of the world out there. Is it a guy thing, or just a nerdy hubby thing? We borrowed this game from my bro, so obviously he also enjoys it, although not to the same psychotic extent as my husband ;)

Who loves Katamari? I don't!


Vanilla Con said...

I don't get the game either! Rich thought it was fun and hilarious when he watched me was 5 minutes of my life that I will NEVER get back!

Justice~! said...

You need to play it when you're able to roll up people - it's not the same when you're just rolling up random junk, trust me on this!!!

Ridley Thunder said...

I can't wait to be princely and roll up people to make planets.