Friday, July 14, 2006

Food Glorious Food

My parents are in town. This means we will be dining out virtually *all* the time for the next 7 days. And not at Subway for their 6" subs that are 6 grams of fat or less. And not for salad (or "rabbit food" as my dad so fondly calls it), either. Oh no. We're talking dim sum, banquet-style multi-course Chinese dinners and rich fattening snacks in between.

You see, my parents love to eat. To them, the idea of "vacation" is strongly and closely associated with the ideas of "eating" and "not exercising." This would be great if I was, you know, a genetically-blessed skinny creature with a bottomless pit for a digestive tract. However, such is not the case, so yours truly will likely be found in the gym on most days when she is able to slip away from the commitments her parents have slotted her into. And for the next 8 weeks following this food-filled fest, I'll still be in the gym trying to ellipt off those yucky pounds.

I assure you I exaggerate not. The schedule for the next 7 days are as follows:

Friday lunch w/the parents
Friday dinner with the family
Saturday dim sum with the family
Sunday dim sum with the family
Monday dinner with the parents and in-laws
Tuesday dinner with the parents
Wednesday BBQ dinner with the family

And this pared down schedule assumes that I have enough chutzpah to say NO to my parents' inevitable invitations for Sunday dinner, and lunch on Mon/Tues/Wed./Thurs. Which I will need to develop, because my waistline cannot afford another expansion.

So I bid you farewell (for the next few days, anyhow), and ask that you say a little prayer for the overfed (me and my family). May God grant us self-control and/or a good case of stomach flu to ward off our appetites. ;)


Justice~! said...

Nothing like more inspiration to become 715 lbs of SHREDDED MUSCLE~!