Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Crown Me with Many Crowns

As some of you know, I am getting a new crown over my front tooth. My old tooth was becoming unsightly and discolored, having been done over a decade and a half ago. Anyway, I was supposed to get a new crown last week. Unfortunately, the dude who was creating my all-porcelain crown got the staining shade wrong, and when the crown was put in, my tooth had a distinctly blue hue to it. Brings a new meaning to the term "bluetooth," non?

Anyway, I am supposed to return to the dentist's chair on Friday, at which time I will supposedly get my new, shade-appropriate crown. I am very skeptical, however, that he will have the staining right from the get-go, and anticipate that I will be waiting for another hour-and-a-half for him to restain the crown to match my teeth. My mouth grows impatient, as do I. Grrrr.


Ontario Emperor said...

Crown Me with Many Crowns? Groan... :)