Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Best $2.12 I Didn't Spend

Lately, I have been somewhat fixated on candles. It started a couple of weeks ago when I decided to do the bubble-bath-in-the-candlelight thing, which I had never done before even though I'd heard about how great it was. I lit a bunch of nice, smelly candles, took a bubble bath and read a good book and sipped refreshing chilled water whilst soaking. At one point, my Hubbs peeked his head into the bathroom, saw the cool ambience that the candles created, and was immediately inspired to have us bring candles on our anniversary getaway (which we did).

So began my recent love affair with flame and flicker. And now, I have added to my collection these:

Two beautiful, square glass votive holders with a quilted patterning on its exterior surfaces. From Dollarama. Cost? $1.00 + GST, per holder. When lit, this was the beautiful glow that was created.

The candles themselves are of the pricier brand of Partylite (quality, clean-burning), so the votives have been burning well and cleanly. The scent of Holiday Spices has gradually filled our living room, and the soft glow of the flames has been bringing gentle light to the dark room.

I am incredibly glad for the $2.12 that was so well spent (thanks Mom!), and as I continue to admire the beauty created by these simple votives, I hope you are reminded to find something beautiful and wonderous in the everyday as well.