Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yellow Fever

I initially came across the term yellow fever during my first stint in university. The non-medical, non-deadly version of yellow fever refers to when certain Caucasian (or other non-Asian) people (usually males) have an almost-exclusive attraction towards Asians of the opposite gender. My hubby, for instance, has a bad case of yellow fever, which is why he married a banana like me ;)

Why do some non-Asian guys pursue Asian girls exclusively? Why do some Asian girls get drawn to guys of other ethnicities (particularly Caucasian) more than they're drawn to Asian guys? Why do you see more white guys with Asian girls, than Asian guys with white girls? Why do Asian guys finish last?

Well, Wong Fu Productions (a young Asian production company based in CA) has produced and filmed a short film mockumentary exploring this topic and attempting to answer these questions. You can watch this hilarious 15-minute video, entitled Yellow Fever, on

Enjoy, and feel free to share with me your insights on this phenomenon known as yellow fever.


Vanilla Con said...

Haha, that video was pretty funny! I guess it could kinda explain the "yellow fever" phenomenon...

Cult of J said...

Is there a video that explains the sheer amount of "Justice fever" gripping our nation?

Ridley Thunder said...

it's the whole "you asians are so damn cute" thing though

Happy Canada Day by the way!