Monday, June 12, 2006

Time to Blog!

For some reason, many people jumped on the blogging bandwagon over the past year, but it appears to me that few have actually followed through with regular posting over the last couple of months. If a blog is a)not visited by anyone, and b)not linked on anyone else's blogroll, then I can understand that to blog or not to blog is inconsequential.

However, what of the blogs that have been linked, or do have a semi-regular readership? Should there not be a regularity with which these blogs are updated?

How often is too often? How infrequently is too infrequent? Surely there is a "rule of thumb" for this sort of thing!

I have not researched what blog etiquette suggests, so feel free to enlighten me with these guidelines. Daily? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? Whenever the blogger has time?

Also, at what point should a blog be declared dead? After 6 months of non-posting? After a year of silence? Do blogging utilities such as Blogger automatically delete sites after a specified period of inactivity? And do abandonned blog sites just waste room on our cyberspace, or is there justification for keeping them there?

In my hubby's original post, he listed off several blog names that he had considered using that had already been taken up by dying/dead blogs. He wasn't able to secure these other names because there was no way for the other blogs to be annihilated (even though some of these definitely deserved to be removed). These blogs still "exist" in cyberspace, although their owners have long since taken up new projects and kicked them to the curb. Shouldn't there by a cyber-janitor to delete these things after 4 years of non-posting?!? I know that with domain names, these need to be renewed (and paid for) annually, or else the domain owners lose their rights to that domain, and the name gets offered up to new bidders again. Perhaps a similar thing needs to be done for blogs.

Anyway, that's a little piece of my mind. What's your thought on this?


Justice said...

There are two main problems that cause what you are describing:

1) the sometimes faddish nature of blogs and blogging
2) people who blog having *no real idea* what they want to be posting about or what audience they are trying to reach, if any.

1 is evident in many blogs - people do it because it's the "cool thing to do" or they see a bunch of other people setting up blogs and figure they should have one too.

2 is another problem where the blog has no clear focus. For example, my blog and Ridley's blog: clear missions.

Mine: to continue to spread the word about me being the world's greatest LOVE *MACHINE*
Ridley's: to talk about him being the world's *second* greatest love machine

2 could be a topic all on its own so I will leave it here for others to chime in. I only say that I think people who only update their blogs 4 times a year should not only be taken off blogrolls but TAKEN OFF THE STREETS!!!


Ridley Thunder said...

Taken off the streets is right.

People blog like it's the new fad. But truly it's not for everyone, I knew a lot of people who started blogging because I started blogging, but couldn't keep up. I don't know why I have kept going as long as I have. Maybe I have a lot to say. Maybe I have this massive ego that likes ot see itself in written word on the internet. Maybe this is my only time for stardom (however little it is). And yes there should be a blogger janitor somewhere, sweeping up the mess people make.

Justice, in accordance to Love Machines, you're a missionarybot, I'm a karmasutracon

Anonymous said...

A blog is an excercise in vanity, as is so appropriately demonstrated by your hubby, there.

Justice~! said...

The thing to consider here - would you not have an exercise in vanity if, instead of me, *you* were the

Admit it, you totally would! I'm just spreading the word - the *sexy* word!!


Mrs. Loquacious said...

Everyone is vain in their own way, "Anonymous." Too bad you aren't courageous enough to identify yourself when casting stones.

Oh..and exercise only has 1 "c." ;)