Saturday, June 17, 2006


I recently came across one of the slickest, smoothest, funniest ads for a man's shaver ever. The product? Philips Norelco Bodygroom. The website is entirely dedicated to extolling the virtues of this shaver device. Apparently, what sets this shaver apart is its ability to literally shave a man *everywhere* on his body. Be warned, though - the bleeped-out language of this website can be sort of crude! ;)

What really struck me as interesting is the fact that so many guys I have known (of different ethnicities, even), have hated the fact that they've had any hair on their bodies, be it chest hair, back hair, or armpit hair. Even Asian guys I've known (who only have like 7 chest hairs that can be tweezed off in a matter of 2 minutes) have either plucked, shaved, or waxed their armpits! It's surprising to find this out, but it's also good to know that women are not the only gender that wages war against unsightly hair in unwanted places.

Anyway, the next time you find yourself having a hard time coming up with a gift idea for the hairy neanderthal in your family, *or* for the hair-phobic dude in your life, then consider this a potential gift idea. I hear it's a relatively new product, so I'm not sure if it is available in Canada yet. But, if it's anything like what the site claims it to be, it'll be in London Drugs in no time! =)


cristina said...

That must be a canadian thing??? I have never met a guy who shaved??? (And was not a swimmer or body builder)

GOOD THING I Like a hairy man ;) Not like your thinking...but a happy trail always makes me VERY happy!!!!! hehehehe!

Vanilla Con said...

wow, the bleeped out parts of the commerical are pretty crude! Thanks for the disclaimer in advance!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Actually, Cristina - I don't think it is a *Canadian" thing. It's an Asian men, gay men, athletic men, and metrosexual men thing. Guys falling into any of these categories seem to (for the most part) have a genuine loathing for their man-hair. I don't totally get it either, but hey - I *LIKE* the clean-shaven look, and there is really nothing more unattractive on a dude than a poncho-esque rug on his body, front & back. ;)

Con - no worries, I always include those disclaimers for the benefit of the readership =)

cristina said...

crazy gay asian metrosexual athletes! btw...i think they are all in canada!!!! :) LOL kidding! God put the hair there...and I think it serves a purpose (I like telling apart the women from the men!)

I wouldnt be attracted to those super hairy guys EVEN *without* the hair. THe hair is usually the least of their worries...and quite fixable. I don't think most men are uber hairy though...not to the point of needing intervention from the blade!

Anonymous said...

Cristina, i think you need to travel a bit... Maybee you live in a little country if you haved never meet i guy who shaved!! There is more people that need to shave their back or that do it and you just don't know. Girls who don't shave, that is discussting... :S

Justice~! said...

Good hair keep is the hallmark of the enterprising metrosexual!! That's about all I have to say about that!