Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Hubby's Great Gift Giver

Be warned! This is a toot-my-own-horn sort of post.

I am an excellent gift giver when it comes to my husband.

When we first met, I bought him something like 13 Transformers (y'know - Robots in Disguise), including a very rare collectible Megatron. These were my "nice-to-meet-you" gifts for him. For his b-d
ay that year, he also got two DVD sets of a TV show he really liked; I had to pay double for these because I was in Hong Kong at the time and their HMV didn't have much of a demand for this show. I also had to pay to get them shipped to him. For one Christmas I got him an X-box and a Seiko watch. And the list goes on and on.

Well, my Hubb's birthday is around the corner (June 22) and this year, I decided to get him a guitar. Since he's a novice player, I could have just picked up a cheapie for him, but I didn't. Instead, I researched it out online, made several annoying calls to guitar shops around the city, and finally got him a Yamaha. Not just *any* Yamaha, either. One that is sleek, black, and looks like it could have been Johnny Cash's. It's a Yamaha FG720s (Dreadnought) in black.

It is beautiful. It sounds mellow and full and rich. I also bought him some books, a DVD, and some maintenance supplies for this pretty little thing.

He loves his present. He has already begun strumming chords on it, and he looks dead-sexy doing it ;)

Anyway, the point of this is that I am a great gift giver for my man, and much of this is because I know him well and love him dearly. When one loves someone, there is this innate desire to shower them with good things and watch their faces light up in delight. That is my gift from my hubbs - his happiness and his excitement at getting something that he wants but doesn't feel justified in getting for himself. So in the end, although I am the great gift-giver to my guy, he's really the one giving me an even greater gift in return.

(Also, my guy has showered me with nice gifts too, including rare Cabbage Patch dolls that I've always wanted, and jewellery, and a trip to Vancouver, to name a few. I really can't complain because he's pretty good at gift-giving himself!)


Ridley Thunder said...

I love giving a great gift. You feel the shit the whole day.

superstarjo said...

C'est degueulasse, Monsier a dit. D'accord.

Too cheesy, LOL.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Hrm. According to, the word dégueulasse means:

<<<<<<<<<<"(fam adj) - lousy, rotten, filthy, disgusting

C'est dégueulasse de voler aux enfants - It's rotten/disgusting to steal from kids.

Related: un/e dégueulasse (fam) - dirty pig, disgusting person; dégueulasser (fam) - to muck/up; dégueu - fam. abbreviation of dégueulasse">>>>>>>>>

How is gift-giving a disgusting act?

Watching my sister in excessive displays of affection with her dude, now *THAT* is dégueulasse!

Justice~! said...

Actually, I *am* pretty sexy when I play this guitar!! Maybe I will start dressing like J Cash around the house as well.

Monsieur said...

Ouais, très belle guitare!! If justice want some books to practice, i've got stairway to heaven!!! lol And more... Seriously, ask me if he want some.