Tuesday, June 20, 2006

KFC : Finger Lickin' To Keep Your Heart from Tickin'

I'll admit it. I love KFC. In fact, that part I love most about the Colonel's secret recipe chicken is its crispy chicken skin. Especially that extra-tasty-crispy stuff. YUM.

This is why I avoid KFC like the plague, and will indulge my appetites only once every 6 months. I know that it's not good for me, and I know that it tastes so good that it's hard to peel off all of the skin and eat only the dry white meat underneath. Who does that?!?

Anyway, the point is that KFC tastes great, but it will kill you if you indulge in it with any frequency. A new article I came across in Time.com today explains that KFC chicken is cooked in trans-fat (partially-hydrogenated) oils, which is what makes it more crispy and more flavourful than other fried chicken on the market. The company is being sued for using this oil, which increases bad cholesterol levels (yes, there is such a thing as good cholesterol!) and raises the risk of coronary disease and diabetes. In fact, "a three-piece extra-crispy combo meal contains as much as 15g of trans fat - more than a person should ingest in a week."

Think about this the next time you order a massive family-sized bucket meal for the two or three of you, and consider your heart the next time you reach down for another delicious greasy skin-laden piece of chicken. Your momentary taste fix may not be worth the physical agony that your body could potentially endure.


superstarjo said...

Holy crap. I just ate a Toonie Tuesday. Should have read your blog earlier today. D'oh!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Oooh...that must've tasted good! ;)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Just had some KFC (hot & spicy as well as original recipe). I will never eat KFC again; I feel sick and should have known better! YIKE.