Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Boys and Fast Cars

The movie The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift, which has only received an IMDB rating of 5/10, scored the number one spot for being the best-selling movie over the box office weekend. The premise of the movie is not terribly original: an outcast named Sean avoids jail time by moving to Tokyo to live with his uncle, and loses at drift-racing against some guy with ties to the Yakuza, resulting in his entry into the "underworld" of drift racing to try to repay his debt. I'm certain that the most memorable parts of this movie (which I have not seen) are likely the race scenes and shots of beautiful pimped-up ("souped-up") vehicles.

So what is the appeal of this movie? I am quite certain that its primary audience is the male demographic from ages 18-35, and my guess is that most males watching the movie are probably living their fast car dreams vicariousl
y through the characters. Perhaps this is where the appeal is, because we know for certain it isn't due to an Oscar-worthy plot or fantastic cinematography.

What is it about fast cars that boys are drawn to, in the first place? From an early age, little boys start playing with toy cars; these miniature vehicles captivate their little minds and can entertain them for hours on end. By the time these boys are in their teens, many have already formulated tastes for certain types of vehicles, none of which are usually affordable or practical and all of which go very very fast. When these boys become grown men, you will usually see them working towards saving enough money to buy their "dream cars," and some eventually do so, whether it is when they've retired or they have experienced some sort of mid-life crisis. So what is it about boys and fast cars? What is their appeal? What makes the mere act of watching a m
ovie about car racing a satisfying experience? Sometimes, I think the male mind is a mystery to me.

(BTW - The way to my man's heart is by getting him a green Mustang with white racing stripes. Give him that, and I'll lose him forever to you (or to the car)! ;) )


cristina said...

It was #3 here! We like cartoons better than Cars I guess? BUT CARTOONS *about* CARS!!!! doh!!!