Sunday, May 28, 2006


So this morning, immediately on the heels of my dear Hubbs having taken the car on a nerd road trip, I noticed that my right rear hubcap was AWOL. (If you happen to have a spare that matches the hubcap noted above, I am not too ashamed to ask for it. A car is ugly when it is missing a hubcap, sort of like a hockey player without some of his teeth.)

Anyway, we were having a heated debate about whether or not to go hubcap shopping immediately this afternoon, with me on the "yes" side and Hubbs on the "no" side of the issue. After I called my bro and he advised us of a good hubcap shop close to where we'd be heading, I sort of decided that we would take a little detour to the store. My man was not happy with the additional and unexpected stop, and was determined to be angry with me.

However, I found a great way to diffuse the situation! I (having felt some measure of satisfaction at having "won" the argument and being able to feed my need for immediate gratification) grinned
like the Cheshire Cat at him. I held this grin in steady fashion, gazing directly at him and making eye contact the entire time. Well, it took about 15 seconds before his anger dispersed and he started to smile, and then to grin, and then to laugh (at which point I began to laugh as well).

Immediate detente! It was brilliant, and a method I will be sure to put into practice again during future disputes (assuming I am in any mood to smile, myself).

May you disarm your "foes" with a smile today; it holds way more power than you think! =)

**Incidentally, the shop (which boasts the largest collection of hubcaps in the city) was closed today. Hence, still no hubcap, and still willing to accept donations!


Vien said...

grinning like a Cheshire cat...I can totally picture you doing that Helen! ;)

I lost a hub cap once, on my Golf, it is embarrassing. Actually, someone swiped my tire, i think, as they were trying to parallel park, the skid marks on my tire indicated a very poorly judged depth gauging.

anyway, bought a used hub cap at a store on Gatway Boulevard, that was much cheaper than new but looked practically the same. They have tons there, of all years and models. They get it from cars that were totalled in accidents.

You should go check it out, it's located right before the CKER building.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

My hubby thinks he lost the tire during a particularly rough patch in Airdrie (en route to Calgary).

That store isn't sure if they have it in white, so I'm supposed to drive the car in for them to check it out.

Otherwise, I can get a new one thru the the bargain price of $143! =(

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I mean, the hubcap. Not the tire. Tire's still there. I feel drunk and it's only 7:22 am! =P