Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lucky Number Slevin

On our "date night," I originally chose to see Eight Below (the G-rated based-on-a-true-story movie about two guys and eight dogs in the Antarctic), but when I realized that Lucky Number Slevin was out, I changed my mind.

I'm sure glad I did.

This movie *rocked.* I thought V for Vendetta was amazing, but I think this one was even better!

The movie is basically about a guy
who, because he's in the wrong place at the wrong time, gets caught in the conflict between two mob bosses, and has to figure a way out of his predicament. The story was incredibly well-written, and the way that the different elements of the story came together and was resolved in the end was fascinating. The plotline definitely kept Hubbs and I chatting about it on the drive home, but I won't divulge any more so as to prevent spoiling the experience for you! The movie also contained some great one-liners as well as a lot of witty, intelligent dialogue, and the humorous moments of the film actually made us laugh. I really enjoyed the way that it was filmed, as well; there were a lot of artistic camera angles that made some scenes seem clipped, but that completely added to the feel of the story rather than detracting from it.

Bottom line: Go see this movie, especially if you enjoy Tarantino-esque movies! I promise you won't be wasting your hard-earned dollars, and we are already making plans to see it again. Incidentally, Hubbs also listed this movie in his Top 10, although I am starting to think that there are more than 10 movies on his list already! ;)

PS - Do be warned; there are some violent scenes in this movie and it is definitely for adults only!


Ridley Thunder said...

See....I told you this movie was great!...No one belives me....sigh

Cuz orders are "ORDeeers"