Friday, March 10, 2006

A Moment of Pride (and a Little Bit of Bragging)

Remember that class management paper I had to write? The one that took me 20 hours? The one that I complained about and lost sleep over?!!?

Well, good news. My prof marked mine on the day of its submission (apparently she was excited to read this novella?) and when I saw her in class this morning, she rushed over to me and pulled me aside to ask me for another copy of it, and to tell me that I got an:

Apparently, she was very impressed with the comprehensiveness of my paper (it *was*, after all, 25 pages long!) and with my ability to infuse into it anecdotes and thoughts that reflect who I am. I was very flattered by her remarks, and more importantly, very thankful (thank you Jesus!!) that my hard work was not for naught.

So, hooray for me! I will do a little celebratory dance to commemorate this little bit of happy news, and allow my success to be positive reinforcement for me to get my butt off the computer and hit the books!


superstarjo said...

Good job! The Mature Student manages t screw the curve again! :P

Seriouslu though, you`re doing a great job. Keep it up!

German said...

20 page paper? Holy crap. Well at leats it totally paid off!