Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Slump Day!

I've never understood why they call Wednesdays, "Hump Day." I think the better term is "Slump Day," because on Wednesdays, the day seems so long and yet there's still another half a week to go, in spite of the fact that we already need a weekend to "recuperate."

I realize that in using "hump," one is trying to say that the rest of the week will be an easy downhill slide into the blessed weekend. However, I disagree, and suggest that on Wednesdays, it feels like we're in a hole (or "slump") and need to muster up enough energy to crawl out in time to enjoy the weekend.

Also, in my mind, "Hump Day" makes it sound like people are supposed to have sex on Wednesdays. Another reason why I will forever call this day "SLUMP DAY."

Anyway, I hope you have a happy slump day!


Justice said...

I think you need a link to that Dinosaur comics one for people to actually read it!! ;)

It definitely is worth it!

Ridley Thunder said...

I love Wednesdays. They are my favorite teaching day