Sunday, February 12, 2006


What an adventure-filled day! While I was working on my previous blog post, a loud beep suddenly began to sound. At first, I thought it came from my hubby's computer, but I soon realized that the sound was blaring from the hallway of our home. When I exited the computer room to take a peek, sure enough, our fire alarm was going off. The blue light was flashing, and we realized that we needed to quickly exit our home.

I dove for my jacket and purse, and my dear hubby went straight for our wedding album! Sweet, I know! Then he grabbed his jacket and wallet, we located our keys, and out the door we went. I smelled the distinct (albeit faint) smell of smoke in the hallway of the floor, so I figured that the fire or smoke was not originating from our floor, and I decided to leave my laptop (as well as a few other precious things) in the apartment. We walked very quickly down the several flights of stairs, until we were in our lobby. Our neighbors had also come down the stairs with us, and we were all confused as to what was happening. We all congregated outside the building, on the pedway/bridge, watching as four fire trucks came quickly to park themselves in front of the building.

Several firefighters went in immediately, followed by the Fire Rescue Team (who weren't wearing protective gear). These men entered and exited the building a few times, but no water hose was pulled out. We quickly concluded that whatever set off the alarm was not a blazing fire, especially after watching the rescue guys pull out fans and a giant cord thing to set up in the lobby. We still had to wait outside, though, for what felt like 15 minutes or so. When we were finally allowed entry into the building again, we gathered in the lobby to await further instruction.

Finally, after another 10 minutes, we were permitted to return to our homes. Apparently the alarm was triggered by someone on the 7th floor who had left food burning on their stove. Although I never saw any flames, we definitely got a good strong whiff of smoke when we passed by the 7th floor.

Anyway, the interesting thing about this "fire" incident is that it made me think about what I value most in my home, and in my life. What means the most to me? Are there possessions that I wouldn't be able to live without? My hubby obviously valued the wedding album that represented our memories of our wedding day. Many of the other residents brought out their pets. However, few people gathered armfuls of their treasures, likely because they didn't think this was a significant fire. But what if the fire was a big blazing one, one that threatened to take down the entire building; what then would I have taken with me? What sort of things would you have taken with you?


German said...

You mean Justice didn´t grab his Japanese only rare transformer? Shame!

ghassan said...
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ghassan said...

I am wondering as well, how Justice didn't grab Steven McConnell books?

superstarjo said...

I'd grab Monsieur, my passport and my laptop. And of course, my purse. And my fave pair of heels. Heck, I'd likely grab my duffel bag and fill it full of crap.

Steven said...

I would make sure my girlfriend Catherine and my dog Daisy got out ok. Other than that it wouldn't really matter.

I would let my computer burn so I could claim the insurance money and buy a shiny new laptop.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I believe the Steve McConnell books did cross his mind, along with his Predaking and Megatron transformers. =) I think it was his inability to carry everything with him that stopped him from getting them. Also, this wasn't a significant fire. If it was, he would probably need a couple of crates to carry out all the stuff he would want to save! ;)