Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Sad Christmas in Northern China

A blast in a mine in Northern China claimed 62 lives yesterday. I've actually lost count of the number of miners who have now died, and the number of mining explosions that have taken place, in the past few weeks. Just two weeks ago, there was a big explosion claiming 169 lives in another part of Northern China. Despite government "crackdowns" on the hazardous conditions under which these people work, evidently not enough has been done.

I am very upset about the way the Chinese government has treated its own people; evidently human life is not
valuable enough for them to take every precaution necessary to ensure that miners work in safe conditions. Given that they have a very controlling and rather powerful Communist government, if they wanted to enforce safety standards in any given industry, surely it would not have been that difficult to do! Why must tragedy after tragedy occur before this is looked into?!

I realize that most people in China do not celebrate Christmas. That makes me even more sad, because they now face having to grieve the loss of loved ones, and they don't even have a hope of something greater in this life (or the next). They've lost their beloved husbands and sons, their brothers and fathers; in many cases, they've also lost their only (or their main) source of income for the family. What will give them hope this season? What will be their joy to celebrate at the end of their year?

I am glad that God is El Roi, "the God who sees me." May He see everyone who is hurting and grieving and without hope in China today, and may He be gracious to them and give them hope.


Female Homo sapien sapien said...

You know what I've learned in my post-dictatorship class? 'Government' is a word dirtier and more disgusting than any swear in any language. It's worse than taking a god's name in vain. It shouldn't suprise anyone that governments generally don't care about their citizens, expecially when there is something as bad as a mine explosion that kills hundreds, people being shot dead in the streets for no reason, military drugging people and tossing them from a plane into the Atlantic ocean.... It becomes more and more clear to me everyday that democracy is a fancy Greek term for ultimate dictatorship, and that we should all embrace anarchy cuz, really, how much worse can it get?